Playstation Plus June 2018 Lineup Predictions

Hey Guys Playstation will announce the free games with PS+ lineup for June 2018 soon. So now we are gonna predict the games with Playstation Plus For June 2018:

Playstation 4:


Reason: The Release Of Battlefield V is this year so EA could offer playstation to giveaway a battlefield game. That would be good if they gave away battlefield 1 instead. But they won’t give away Battlefield 1. I have a feeling that they will give Battlefield 4 instead.


The Last Of Us Remastered:

If they gave away The Last Of Us Remastered that would hype the fans up for The Last Of Us 2 and don’t forget that E3 is coming if they want a good amount of people to watch their showcase then they would have to hype the fans about The last of us 2 or some other games that they are gonna show at this year’s E3

Playstation 3:

Shadows Of The Damned:

Shadows Of The Damned is a great under rated game published by EA. This game was one of the best game in 2011. It was launched on 21 June 2011.

Bio Shock:

They have already gave away Bio Shock 2 and Bio Shock Infinite. But they haven’t gave away The Original Bio Shock For Playstation 3 Yet.

Playstation Vita:

Shovel Knight:

Shovel knight is a 2d Terraria Style game it was published by Yacht Club games Back in 2014.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth:

Digimon is a Pokemon rip off game but with a different style.



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