Popular Eyebrow hacks-One should know

Eyebrows are the fundamental part of our facial features. It highlights our eyes in a special way and helps in expressing emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain their perfect shape and size.

The cosmetic approach has an ability in maintaining our eyebrows and giving them an ideal shape according to our facial features. It can also change its appearance through proper eye makeup. In some cases some women make minor mistakes while highlighting their eyebrows, for instance, they try to modify their natural arch ending up with a dramatic look as they use an eyebrow dip instead of an eyebrow pencil.

In the following YouTube video, there are some necessary do’s and don’ts which are mentioned for your benefit. One should keep those tips in their mind while applying an eye makeup. Before using an eyebrow pencil always apply an eyebrow gel as it will help in maintaining all the short hairs in an upward direction and can lock them in the same way for the entire day.

If you are not an expert in the makeup stuff then you must avoid brush on eyebrows instead of that you should only use a regular pencil. Always remember the shade of pencil which you are applying. The most appropriate method of applying an eyebrow pencil is starting from the inner bottom corner of the eyebrow and continue underlining with the natural arc. Then continue outlining on the upper side also. After this shade the entire eyebrow filling the gaps between hair and finishing them by providing them with an even look.

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