Practise this simple technique to check your Health

Maintaining a good health can result in a long and healthy span of life. But nowadays due to a hectic schedule and short of time, it is being difficult to sustain fitness and well-being. So here is a short and simple trick with which one can diagnose their health status and can treat accordingly. For applying it all you need is to have a spoon and a plastic bag.

• Take a spoon and lick it completely with the help of your tongue. It should be entirely covered with saliva.
• Pack the spoon inside a zip bag and place it in a warm place maybe under a lamp or sun.
• Leave it for one minute.
• Observe the changes on the spoon.
If the spoon is clean with no unpleasant odours or colour spots then it indicates that the person is healthy with negligible health issues with your internal organs.

If it possesses unpleasant smell
Musty and Strong: This indicates that you are having issues with your stomach or lung.
Sweet: You could have Diabetes.
Acidic: This warns you that your Kidney is unhealthy.

If there are Tinges
Yellow or White: along with a thick layer can indicate a thyroid gland dysfunction.
Purple: This signifies low blood circulation, high cholesterol levels or bronchitis.
• White: This indicates a respiratory infection.
• Orange: Shows a kidney disease.
If any of the above symptoms arises then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Abandon these peculiarities to be your normal self