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Ranking of Worst to Best Girlfriends according to their Zodiac

A girl can be can possess different behaviour and certain characteristics as a girlfriend. Not all of them are ideal ones. Some of them prove themselves as the worst girlfriend due to several reasons. The main logic is their zodiac sign. Their sign is the major controller behind their behaviour. The essential thing is that they can be ranked on the basis of their zodiac sign which proves their efficiency as a girlfriend. Check out what rank do you hold as a girlfriend with the help of your zodiac sign-

Rank 12- Scorpio
Dating a scorpion girl can be the toughest job for a man as the girls with this zodiac sign are worst as girlfriends. She is the one who always speaks the truth and maybe harsh in some situation due to which she doesn’t know how to handle any situation. She is straightforward having no control over her language. These girls will love hard but can’t avoid creating mistakes. Just take your relationship in a positive manner and accept the real her.

Rank 11- Virgo
This girl is self-conscious regarding her relationship. In fact, she is the one who has put all her efforts to maintain her relationship but she still feels that her efforts are not enough to satisfy you. You might find her behaving strangely sometimes and has to explain to her that she is the perfect match for you. She thinks her imperfect and may be jealous easily. Her insecurities kill her and you always have to explain to her that she is different and everything is right.

Rank 10- Aries
She possesses unstable thoughts in her mind due to which she switches her decisions immediately. She is the one who rushes up everything. It can be both advantageous and harmful on both sides. She is a dominating character who always tries to dominate you in your personal life. She may change and destroy this relationship due to her impulsive personality.

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Rank 9- Taurus
These girls are the one who doesn’t express the real face of them at one time. She is the one who is a hesitant partner. She does not face any complicated problems and simply tries to run and that can be a weird interaction with such people. She believes in self-confidence and reveals that being in a relationship is a restriction. She is comfortable with being single and won’t enter into a relationship until she finds a perfect match.

Rank 8- Cancer
This crab woman will provide you all the warmth and love. These girls are emotional and express a nurturing love. She is caring and will love you in such a way that you will feel homely. She is a passionate lover and loves by all her heart. She expects and demands the similar zest or response from you. She never hides her feelings so when she knows that you are not in love with her she will express herself disappointed. At some times she may be depressed or anxious which maybe uncontrollable sometimes.

Rank 7- Leo
This lioness is courageous and brave. You can feel this when you move into a physical relationship with her. She is adventurous and loves to explore new things and don’t freak out as she will expect similar things from you. She is one of the most loyal among all the other zodiac signs. She is hard to love but when she is in a relationship she will give her all to shape that relationship into perfection.

Zodiac signs Leo. Vector illustration of the girl.

Rank 6- Aquarius
If you are understanding and can easily judge a person then these girlfriends are quite handy. She will be in a relationship with her dignity and self-respect is protected. The day when she finds out that this relationship is hurting her she will move a step backwards immediately.

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Rank 5- Gemini
The women with this zodiac sign possess double personality traits. One side is that of an angel kind while the other one is the devil. The angel side of her features will attract you. Her charming appearance, her charisma etc. are so adorable that one can’t ignore those traits but when she reverses her features then you will be presented the dark side of her traits. You have to patient as these women are really hard to handle. She won’t agree with her stable life and will always be in search of fun, thrill and adventure. She loves her freedom and if she feels that you are not in her support so she can lie for a secured relationship. It can be a drawback for your love life. So if you desire stability and smoothness then it’s a sincere advice for you people that never date a Gemini women.

Rank 4- Libra
Those people who have Libra as their zodiac sign believes in respect and equality and do not appreciate getting involved in conflicts. They will prefer to remain calm and quiet. This can be disadvantageous for a relationship as it can give rise to several conflicts. Therefore, it is necessary for you to create a friendly environment which can help her in expressing herself. She also possesses an outgoing behaviour which can easily attract people. So it is an advice for their partners that if you are possessive for her then never date such a girl as you can be easily jealous.

Rank 3- Capricorn
Such women are ambitious and strongly determined in their life. She expects a lot from her partner and desires for a dream relationship. In many situations, she can be dominating and is always ready to face all the challenges which are put in front of her. She is caring and protective in nature for her loved ones. She is loyal and never cheat or lie for saving her relationship.

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Rank 2- Pisces
These type of women are a kind of an introvert and do not express themselves so easily. But they are trustworthy and can keep your secrets to themselves. She possesses a sacrificing behaviour for the better future and can sacrifice anything for the welfare of her closed ones. She is honest and faithful but has emotional behaviour.

Rank 1- Sagittarius
These women are the top-ranked and have proven themselves as the best girlfriends. She is passionate about her love life and is a dedicated lover. She can be unreasoningly analytical for herself. Being a partner, you should build up her self-confidence and should always support her. Being a typical girlfriend she can be jealous when you are with some other girl. You should always assure her that you share a true commitment to this relationship.



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