Real Faces behind Popular Memes |

Real Faces behind Popular Memes

Tagging your best friend in a meme has been a new tradition is followed by a majority of youth present on social media. Have you ever noticed the people present over there in a meme? Who they are and how did they become so popular? Ever thought with this curiosity? So here we have mentioned some of the popular people and their memes.

Olympics ‘Red Girl’: London 2012
The meme which you see over here and the red-jacket girl present in this is known as ‘Olympic mystery woman’ after she trespassed the athletes’ march on the inaugural ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

The story behind this was that everyone thought this girl, Madhura entered the premises as a commoner but later it was confirmed that she was a part of some dance group. Her boss like walk resulted in a flood of memes.

The Popular Kid
This kid shown in the meme has been very popular among the generation mainly because of the facial expression. He is well known as “Success Kid”.

His actual name is Sammy Grinner and the mother of this legendary kid is Laney Griner who took this image in 2007. Little did she know that her son would bring a revolution over the internet at a mere age of 11 months?

Here is how he looks now.

The Abla Naari meme
This meme is famous by the name of ‘First World Problem’.

Actually, she is an Italy born, Silvia Bottini who appears to be a famous actress and model.

She has worked in several films and will be seen in her next film ‘The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer’.

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Scumbag Steve
The most handsome and stud dude of the meme world is here.

He is also the ruler of meme world.
His meme name is Scumbag Steve. His cap became equally famous as his ‘I’m high face’.

His real name is Blake Boston. The picture was taken by his mother when he was just 16! Now he is a father of one and runs a YouTube channel

The doubtful baby
This Skeptical baby was a tough competitor of success kid. His expressions leave a doubt on everyone face!!

The actual image was clicked by Jarod Knoten. This picture was actually a part of the family album but due to the facial expression of this kid steals the scene and as the picture became viral he gained fame and love from worldwide.

Here is the legend of meme world who had rocked this area.

The real face behind this meme is of Yao Ming who is a retired basketball player.
Here is the original picture



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