Reasons behind why a men blames women for breakup

A relationship can be long-lasting if both the partners are in love with each other, but it can end soon if there is no existence of love and it’s purely physical. There can be many different reasons for breakup such as zero understanding between two, over-possessiveness, no space is given by their respective partners who can result in frequent fights and blame on each other. According to a research-based study, it has been observed that generally after a breakup that is a man who always blamed her ex-partner for their breakup. Maybe it’s right in some of the cases but not every time. Even if they split apart because of the mistakes of the male partner, he never admits that. Here are few reasons mentioned behind it.

1) Because of dramatic nature of women
Just because of their overdramatic nature all men usually get irritated and end their relationship due to this reason.

2) When she frequently complaints about their Ex
Women always complaining men regarding his ex is another reason for end up.

3) Avoiding the discussion
This is for both the partners. Whenever they argued, instead of discussing it and sorting out they avoid the situation which ends up in a huge fight and sometimes break up.

4) Lack of adjustment
The habit of a woman of not adjusting and always complaining is one of the main reasons.

5) Trust issues
When a female partner always doubt every word what her man says and arises trust issues can make a man go crazy.

6) Ignoring the efforts of a man
When a woman starts comparing her efforts with his man and always ignores of how much he has done for her puts everything in a mess.

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7) No space provided
When a woman gets over possessive for his man and never includes space to him.

8) Getting dependent
When in a relationship, a woman receives dependent on his man, makes a man freak out due to this.

9) The clash between feminism and Chivalry
This is a much more complicated reason when a female partner puts feminism in between to let down her partner.

10) Perfect happy relationship
When a woman is impractical all the time and always expects a comfortable and ideal relationship which sounds almost impossible then in that situation she mess up everything even what she had.

11) Girls expect an honest commitment
When girls trust a man blindly and expect a reasonable understanding from them though they are giving signs of a temporary relationship.

12) Blaming for money
When she is in a relationship not because of love instead because of his salary.

13) Dominating Nature
When a women have a dominating nature and control his man, this motivates him to end up that relationship.

14) Losing her identity
Men love their women because of what they are but when a women lose her own status and transform herself this forces a man to break up.

15) When a man has to play the guessing game
When she argues due to some stupid reasons and don’t even tell the cause and leave their man in a state of guessing, this makes him irritating.

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