Reasons which make your beautiful shoes ugly.

Reasons which make your shoes look ugly-One’s footwear can tell about their personality. We all know about this thing, you can recognize a person’s character from his shoes. Some people do not prefer to wear footwear which makes their personality up; they want to buy expensive and branded footwear. But some people do not run after the brands and money; they only wear shoes which make their look classy and sophisticated. We should always wear shoes which put our impressions right. Sometimes people wear such expensive shoes, but they never look right. Wearing bright, sparkled, high platform, weird printed shoes do not make you look good.

Below we will tell you some reasons that will make your beautiful and expensive shoes look cheaper and ugly.

Too high platform.


Reasons which make your beautiful shoes ugly

High heels are so fashionable, but it doesn’t mean that they always look good. The shoes with the high platform make your figure look disproportionate, and your legs resemble hooves. These shoes are so uncomfortable to wear and walk in these shoes is so hurting. Wearing high platform shoes makes your hips look more prominent and broad. Girls and models with comparative figures avoid high heels which make them look slim and gorgeous.

Multicolored shoes

Reasons which make your beautiful shoes ugly

Shoes with different and bright colors put your impression down and ruin your image. Do not opt for shoes with sparkles, bright colors, and decor elements. Do not go for its price, brand and the designer who made these shoes, go for its look, its sophistication. You should always go for the boots which makes your personality up instead of its brand and price. Sometimes low priced things look more amazing.

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Over-sized or under-sized shoes.

Reasons which make your beautiful shoes ugly

Over-sized and under-sized both look so bad and make you feel down. Under-sized shoes make you uncomfortable, and they will hurt your feet. Before going to red Carpet or for any event, the sexiest and the gorgeous models always choose 1-2 sizes larger because this trick protects them from calluses, chafing, and swelling. Models and actresses have to stand for hours for their photoshoots and to greet others. This trick is not for the general people. Don’t go for over and under-sized shoes ever. These kinds of shoes do not look good, and it will become a hurdle in your walk.

Lots of spangles and sparkles.

Reasons which make your beautiful shoes ugly

Shoes covered with spangles and so many sparkles do not make you sophisticated and classy. These kinds of shoes do not look good with your casual wear. They look good with such expensive clothes which are designed by some famous designers. The outfits which make these shoes appropriate are costly. In casual wear, the sparkled, and glimpse shoes look inappropriate and make your image down. Most importantly, the sparkles pasted on the boots are not permanent, they can fall off anytime.

Instead of wearing shoes with sparkles, go for the boots with the shiny coating.

Patent Leather Shoes.

Leather shoes look so smart, but they cause inconvenience. They catch stains very quickly and cannot clean easily. The small stains look so bright and big on these kinds of shoes. Go for the boots with a matte surface, and there is so much variety of colors available in matte-like nude, white, black, etc. These colors look classy and elegant.

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Leopard print.

Opting leopard print is not a good choice. It seems like you don’t have good taste and opinion. You can choose some other copies instead of leopard print. Leopard prints make you look weird and cheap. Go for floral prints and the print with black and white spots.