Looking for a remedy to grow your hair? Do it yourself

Looking for a remedy to grow your hair? Do it yourself

Remedy to grow your hair-Are you pampering your hair right? Well, it is not entirely fair to play the blame game every time. You can suppose that the ballooning pollution levels in the cities are hitting you directly. But, that’s not all, isn’t it? Each part of your system needs proper and timely attention lest it might show up signs that something isn’t taken care of in the required manner. Your hair is one among them, or say, one of the important stuff.

Many times choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is only not enough. You need to have an efficient hair oil as well. Massaging your scalps is a subtle technique to improve your blood circulation. What more reason do you need to stick to your hair oiling days?

Coming back to the point, the bunch of locks that seem to fly away every time you comb or merely touch your hair can be the aftereffect of your wrong approach of oiling. Another issue that generally bothers you is none other than healthy hair growth. You might be feeling low how you are stuck with the same length for ages while all your peers grew out of those blondes. Hair thinning and loss is one of the many reasons behind your anxiety and depressions.


So, where do you start? Are you longing for a magic potion for your hair? If yes, then realize that it isn’t coming from Disney land. It can be prepared right in the comfort of your home. And who’s the maker? Yes, you!

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Read below to find out the recipe for your hair tonic. It comes straight from the horse’s mouth. A hair expert from your favorite Lakme salon has shared this trick.

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DIY Hair Oil

remedy to grow your hair

The best part of a homemade tonic is that you can easily grab all the ingredients from your store. If you know how to work in a kitchen, it is an added advantage otherwise you can learn with this new endeavor.

Who’s at your service?

remedy to grow your hair

Now, seek your very own mustard oil and fenugreek seeds first, to head onto this mission.

remedy to grow your hair

A saucepan, sieve, and a container make up the secondary requirements.

You Proceed!

  • Pour half a liter of mustard oil in a cold, dry pan.

remedy to grow your hair

  • Add about three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds to the oil.

fenugreek seeds

  • Light up your stove, and place the saucepan in medium flame.

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  • Heat the mix until the seeds turn into a darker shade. It would come around like 15 minutes.
  • Do not allow the oil to boil.
  • Allow your tonic to cool and keep it undisturbed for 30 minutes.
  • After cooling, separate the seeds from the liquid with the help of a sieve.


  • Discard the seeds.
  • Store your tonic in a bottle or an airtight container.

mustard oil

Note that the golden brown color of the mustard oil has changed to blackish brown on heating it with the seeds of fenugreek. Besides, you can also smell the fragrance of this medicinal beauty in your tonic.

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Apply Apply Apply!

With the same ease that this magical oil gets prepared is the oiling technique. The night before you plan to wash your hair, massage this tonic evenly on your scalp and hair. Or if you miss out on this chance or are in a hurry, applying the oil one hour before you wash it off is another option. However, you can notice the striking changes with the first strategy.

diy fenugreek seeds with mustard oil

The above nine steps are just about enough to help you gain your hair length and vigor. Not only that, but you also can flaunt those brown tresses. Could you imagine that the essence of fenugreek and mustard on your head is nowhere far and distant? At the heart of your home, spend just a few minutes to create the charm.

Any alternatives? Yes.

  • If you fancy your brown cuts more, use it alternatively with Amla (Gooseberry) hair oil.
  • Wish to get even denser and thicker hair? Put your hands on the olive oil, the healthiest oil not just for your heart and skin but your crown as well. Combine olive oil with your newly made tonic in a lesser or equal amount.

What are you waiting for then? You have always admired the beauty of Rapunzel. Let this be your chance. Make it your day every day. Using this hair potion, enrich your hair so that all eyes be on them. It’s time that you give your hair a thumbs up with the mustard oil plus fenugreek combo.