Rihanna gave a fan the best break up advice ever!

Relationships are not always successful. Sometimes things don’t work, and you end having work. At that time you need someone to tell your problems and give you some good advice. For all of us, our friends are our support system through this time. Some crazy fans took the courage to ask the celebrities, and the same thing happened with the famous star Rihanna. A fan asked her how to get over the first breakup.

The fan tweeted “Hey Robs.. how did you get over your first heartbreak?.”


Further, he  said, ” I have been struggling.”

Most celebrities don’t have enough time to give a reply to the fans. And such questions are not usually answered by stars, and they often ignored it. But Rihanna is not like that. She responded to the fan.

And here is what she said”Just believe the heartbreak was a gift in itself. Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful!In the meantime enjoy all that you are!”

What a kind and sweet message!

It’s not the first time she replied.The beautiful singer always answers her fans with such great words of wisdom.

His  one of the fans was gay, and he was scared to come out, and she helped him by saying”It is okay to be scared, but it is more important to be who you are!”

She further added,”You are who you are, and as hard as it may seem, the best sh*t ever is freedom and peace within yourself.”

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What a great person she is! Her fans will love her even more after reading this.

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