Romantic Movies You Shouldn’t Miss This Year!

Romantic movies of 2018 you should not miss

Romantic movies of 2018 you should not miss-If you are up for watching movies that uplift your spirits and break your heart into the tiniest of pieces at once, then these romantic movies are a must-watch for you! 2018 is bringing to us movies that every hopeless romantic should watch.


Are you a big fan of Nicholas Sparks films? Then we have this movie recommendation for you. Liam Page leaves his high school lover Josie for about eight years. He ends up losing out his near and dear ones too in this process. He returns as a renowned recording artist in hopes that he will win back all that he has lost. Being back in his hometown Louisana, he dreams of getting back with Josie. He realizes in the process of chasing all these people that he has been missing out on this one girl, who ends up transforming his life, beautifully.


 Date of Release: January 19th


A high schooler Rhiannon is stunned when her boyfriend Justin starts paying the kind of attention she always needed. The type of attention every girlfriend craves! Maybe it wasn’t Justin at all. A spirit ‘A’ inhabits his body every day and falls for Rhiannon, head over heels. Rhiannon discovers A’s love, and they set out on a complex love story. Will they survive this different kind of romance not knowing hat they have in store for the next day?

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Date of Release:  February 23


Starring Katherine Langford for 13 reasons why and 5th waves Nick Robinson, this movie is based on the book Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. The books revolve around Simon who is hiding something huge from his friends and family. He is gay and develops a love for a boy named Blue via mail. Simon has to set out to find who blue is and on this road, discover himself.

Romantic movies of 2018 you should not miss
Date of Release: March 16


A rather emotional movie, I’d say, just by viewing the trailer. Bella Thorne as Katie in this movie is a high school student who cannot move out in the sun due to a rare disease, making it almost deadly to move out in the sun. When she is out at night playing the guitar, she happens to meet her crush, Charlie. They reach out to one another on many summer nights wherein they begin to fall in love with one another. But here is the catch, they cannot see one another in broad daylight.  Will their love survive in these extremities?

 Date of Release: March 23rd


This 1976 musical story revolves around a rock star who finds an amazing singer and performer at a bar, who also happens to be the love of his life. With 2018 there is an upgrade. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have kept our hopes high as they bring to us the most passionate love saga ever. We sure are to go Gaga over this new-age musical love story, literally!

Romantic movies of 2018 you should not miss

Date of Release: October 5th

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If you are someone who loves action and romance at the same time, this movie is all you have been waiting for! ALITA is found by Dr.Ido when he sets out searching for cyborgs. She has no idea as to who she is or where her origin lies. She is, in fact, the angel of death and she has to search for that one thing that can break this cycle. She has to hunt for her real purpose during her journey wherein she meets a boy named Hugo who protects her despite the very fact that she is not a complete human.

 Date of Release: December 21, 2018