Routine Flip Flops are not useful in every situation

Flip flops are the regular footwear which is used all across the world. It is used for a specific reason and i.e. it provides proper aeration to our feet’s. It is also known as thongs in Australia. It is usually preferred during summers and rainy season. Apart from its various advantages, it has also several negative effects if used for a longer period. Here are some of the negative side effects mentioned. Have a look-

Problem of Bulginess
These are not suitable for long walks. If you do so wearing flip-flops then you might suffer from pain and bulginess on your feet. This bulge or swelling is known as bunions which can add several complications.

Reason behind it
Due to the uneven surface provided due to hard ligaments these bulges arises and can be painful and complicated if a proper treatment is not taken.

They need support
As there is no support provided at the backside that’s the main reason behind all issues. These flip-flops needs support then only they can be preferred for long walks.

It gives pain as the ligaments are uncomfortable
Continuous use of flip-flops can hurt your ligaments making your walk uncomfortable.

Can cause fungal infection
As your feet’s are exposed to a dry or moist environment due to these open-toed flip-flops, you are prone to fungal infection.

Not sure about its quality?
If you are not sure about the quality of these footwear’s then you must avoid wearing them in water as the fungus or microorganisms may permeate into their pores and cause severe diseases.

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Can cause blisters
The thongs which are present in the mid can easily cause blisters due to the continuous rubbing of your skin.

Can wear during
They are most suitable for short-duration walks that too in summers.

Due to the twisted toe and pulled ligament Hammertoe is caused.

What is it?
According to AOFAS, “A hammertoe is a deformation of the second, third or fourth toe. In this situation, the toe is curved at the middle joint, so that it resembles a hammer shape.”

You can fall
On can slip and fall due to these footwears. This can lead to several other injuries.

Ever wondered why don’t runners wear flip flops?
Because running or walking fast does not agree with wearing a flip-flop due to poor grip.

Painful heel
Flip-flop may hurt your heels or the sole of your feet’s while walking on a hard concrete surface.

After all, this, if you still wish to wear flip flops
One must use them for short distance walk.