How to wear rings correctly

Wear your rings right

Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly-You might have a liking towards rings. Yes, these little pieces of jewelry make you stand out of the ordinary. It enhances your beauty while adding to your personality. Out of all the jewelry you wear, your ring happens to be of prime significance. Howbeit, shopping these tiny pieces of silver might have confused you with all the various options and hence, could have consumed most of your time.

Considered as the most priced and sacred possession, you can own, meddling it up with unsuitable selections can put you down. Therefore, the ability to choose the right ring according to your age, gender, shape of the hand and etiquette also matters a lot. Scroll down to the guide for the know-how of the appropriate design for you.

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# Age does matter

Your choice of rings should evolve as the year pass. It is quite impossible to continue with your childhood favorite until your ripe age. Besides the fitting issue, you also need to master the art of looking charming with your masterpieces.

young ring

1. As long as you are young and merry, your skin brightens up with a thin ring. A small stone engraved on it would add to the toast.

aged rings

2. As you age, your veins and wrinkles take the center spot. To tackle this woe, settle on a sizeable ring that does the trick.

# Manly ring concern

Men rarely avoid these fashion items, thinking it to be a girls’ obsession. But, not all. You might fancy wearing one, and indulge in purchasing them often. What are the criteria you put forth?

Unknown Beneficial Beauty Tips

1. Given that you are a handsome married man, other than your wedding ring, only opt for two others maximum, if need be. Go for the lighter shades.

man and rings

2. To look more aristocratic, you can give the turn to your pinky finger in the left hand. Sporting a ring with a monogram or a family crest would speak for itself.

# Shaping hands

According to your hand shape, the choice of the rings also varies. The length of your fingers and type of rings affect your appearance as a whole.

1. If you own long fingers, you can put on two rings.  It would make your digits look even better and up to the mark.

two rings

2. Try to avoid rings with elongated and oval stones when you have got very long fingers.

3. Shorter fingers and want to show them longer? The elongated stones in a ring would suit you best in this case.

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Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly

4. Do not pick asymmetrical or triangular rings, as they make your fingers appear smaller.

Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly

5. Rings designed with large stones can divert the attention of your knuckles. In contrast, your thin rings emphasize them more.

# Etiquette for rings

Well, you need not change who you are for anybody, including your rings. Let your rings define who you are and shout out your manners with a tint of magic. You should select different styles of rings that go on separate occasions.

Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly

1. To make your thumb look original, adorn it with a large ring, reducing the decorations simultaneously.

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2. For your index finger, select geometric patterns on a thin ring.

3. Your little finger is too small to carry big rings on it. Therefore, grace it using a plain thin ring without stones.

4. Carry only your wedding ring if you are visiting a place with an austere dress code.

Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly

5. Don’t use diamond rings for your regular use. Keep them for notable happenings. It won’t go well with your denim and cardigan.

6. If you fill all your fingers with rings, a general lack of taste is conceived.

7. Suppose you wish to wear two or more rings on one hand, refrain from pairing the diverse metallic and colorful overdose.

8. Don’t make your hand seem bulky when you have polished your nails brightly. Keep away shiny and precious stone rings in this case.

Rules To Wearing Rings Correctly

9. Show off your long nails with a small stone engraved on a thin ring. Using elongated stones won’t work well.

Perhaps, now when you buy these little ornamental beauties, you can strike at the right cord. Team them up with the unique assets that pretty much defines you!