Secretes of Palmistry: Here’s what each line on hand reveals

Everyone is aware of the term palmistry. We know that this practise helps in revealing a lot of mysterious facts and also predicting our future by simply observing our hand lines. But the question arises that how does one can predict future and can tell so many stuff by merely observing the hand lines? What is the secret behind it? Now you don’t need to think so much as we have mentioned all the answers to your puzzling questions. Before we proceed you need to clear some of the basics regarding this practice. There are four basic and essential lines which are observed and they are the heart line, the life line, the head line and the fate line. Just have a look-

1) Observe both of your hands together
Initially join you’re hands together so as the lines of both hands are joined in a series.

2) Point out the four important lines
Observe your hands carefully and try to figure out all the four essential lines.

3) Analyse the Heart Line
Observe you’re the right hand. If a line starts from the opposite side of the thumb and ends below the index finger then that line represent your Heart line. It can also represents a happy love life. However, if this line is extended till your middle finger then it signifies that you are a selfish lover and if it locates itself between these two fingers then it means that you are the one who can easily fall in love. If this line is short and straight then it denotes you as an unromantic person.
If this line is near to your fingers then this represents your passion. Spaces between your lines represent heartbreaks, disappointments or divorces. If it continues towards the other side of your hand then it means that you prefer to hide your feelings and limit it to yourself while if it is parallel to head line then it denotes that you restrain your feelings.

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