See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

See your Zodiac Goddesses in illustrations

Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations-You might follow up on what your Zodiac sign is to offer you for the day. Perhaps, all these do not keep any relevance to you. You believe in destiny and see how things turn out for you. Going by someone’s words might seem foolish to you. Well, whatever the theory you may carry, you cannot resist yourself from appreciating art. Art has been created to represent each of the Zodiac signs. And if you ask which form they take, it is none better than the Goddesses.

From your salad days, you might have heard of many Goddesses in the events of mythology and history. Now is the time to witness your Zodiac Goddesses. All thanks to Emilee Petersmark, an artist who imagined so beautifully that it makes her no less than the tarot readers. She was approached by Accidentals, a band, in 2017 to prepare such posters in a year. Look for yourself how real her ideas seem.

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#1 Aries

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

Emilee tried to portray a mature version of Virgo in the Goddess Aries. She attributed to her a witch-like wild feel alongside a tinge of neon. You can see the soft glow of Virgo has been removed and a more adult look having attitude has been given to it.

#2 Taurus

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

Along the same lines of the personality of Taurus, the Goddess highlights the strength in the face of adversity. An activist going by the name of Emma Gonzalez had been the source of inspiration for this creation.

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#3 Gemini

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

This poster took much time to be finished as Emilee wanted to pour a natural feel into it. For the twins, she wanted to show them as vulnerable, but not overtly sexualized. The theme of the women being powerful and well off, wearing the rusty crowns was kept as the highlight. The dark desert finish was chosen to image the band touring West in that month.

#4 Cancer

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

What a scenic beauty it is to capture the night in the wilderness with an unworldly yet remarkable sight. This is precisely what Emilee wished to display in the Goddess of Cancer. With the Accidentals playing Electric Forest in the month, she felt it equally necessary to match it alongside the original. The dark woods glowing through neon in the Electric Forest charmed her and inspired Emilee for this image.

#5 Leo

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

The Leo Goddess is so created to amalgamate the design of earth, space, and nature, all in one. As the band worked towards the production of their album, Odyssey, Emilee collaborated with them to bring out this tricky massive masterpiece. She brought Leo to life carrying an aim to find something significant in the new beginning of life.

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#6 Virgo

See Your Zodiac Goddesses In Illustrations

As beautiful as she is, Goddess Virgo was painted twice. The second outsmarted the first look with a basket of attitude. Owing to the basic personality of Virgo as a virgin, Emilee prepared the illustration with more resemblance to the youth.

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#7 Libra


This Goddess was sketched on the day President Trump came into power. Emilee got this idea from Lady Justice. It was her choice to paint it black. However, it does not have any relation to the politics of any time.

#8 Scorpio


The illustration of Goddess Scorpio came out to be perfectly tattooed, inspired by a Polynesian one. Emilee wished to paint at least one of her Goddesses heavily tattooed. And Scorpio fell into the best fit that opposes her chic elements with a traditional tattoo.

#9 Sagittarius


When you see this image, do you think you can give justice to the character of a Sagittarius? Yes, of course, isn’t it? Check that headdress she puts on, which belongs to a horse skull. Doesn’t she depict someone who lives on their terms, like a lone warrior for their food and living? Emilee drew her out like a centaur, with a bow and arrow, while preserving the traditional looks. Further, you may notice that this Goddess is entirely different from the way others seem regarding their body shape and design.

#10 Capricorn


The Sea-Goat represents the zodiac Capricorn, which itself is based on the Sumerian God of creation, knowledge, mischief, and wisdom. That’s how the Goddess Capricorn came into being. The softness of the surrounding creatures juxtapose with the harpoon, but brings out the dreamy and murky design, as desired.

#11 Aquarius


Emilee wanted to give a wholly different finish to her each poster. To create a similar perception as the Egyptian monuments and Gods, she placed her 11th creation myth in the desert. It was the second among her favourites. The ocean theme hence does not show up in a row, as she chose a variety view for this piece.

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#12 Pisces


You can see that the human figure in this image is quite small in comparison to the other illustrations where the woman stands out as the main lead. Here, she seems to be suppressed by the giant looking fish, symbolising the deep sea monsters of the past. Now, in this manner, the Goddess seems much more human and genial.

Every image is different from the other. Each one has its tale of origin and function. Look, how deeply engrossed is our artist in her world of illustrations. She took one long year to complete this sequence, and it calls for a salute. After all, only the humble heart can appreciate art.

Emilee Petersmark