She used to take 50 selfies in day, checkout what happened

Nowadays our generation follows a new trend of clicking pictures i.e. “Selfies”. It has been an addiction for today’s youth which can leave worst effect than a drug!! Yes, these selfies which have become a habit these days can be lethal for us. Don’t believe me? Then scroll down to read complete article.
Mehreen Baig, a 26-year-old blogger who belongs to London, has been reported as one of the victims of the harmful effects of a selfie. She built a career for herself based on selfies and used to take around 50 selfies a day!! Yes, you heard me right 50 selfies per day!

Everything was fine until she learnt about the harmful radiations which emerged from screens of phones, tablets and laptop. Maybe this was the life turning point for her which forced her to realise that whether this addiction was the reason behind her change in skin or not. This made her visit a dermatologist for taking advice.

After a thorough diagnosis of her skin, pore size, tanning, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and moisture content of her skin; her dermatologist came to a conclusion that her recent skin blemishes were due to the harmful radiation which emerged from her phone screens. The HEV test detected this result which had damaged her skin very badly.
In simpler words, her addiction of taking a large number of selfies per day was the major reason behind her skin damage.
Research has shown that HEV lights can disrupt sleep cycles. It can penetrate much deep inside beneath our skin layer as compared to UV rays and causes as much damage as the combined effect of UVA and UVB. In her case, this has caused an inflammation which has slowed down the rate of her skin’s healing process.

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The best solution is to avoid HEV rays or in simpler words, avoid taking selfies. But as we all know that it is merely impossible. As a substitute, she can use some antioxidant serum which can heal her skin effectively. Along with this antioxidant serum, they also suggested her to consume vitamin A cream during the night which could heal her skin at a much higher rate.


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