The Things You Should Know While Shopping

Shopping tricks-There are many little things that we don’t care about. Sometimes we ignore them, but these things should remember. While going shopping, you should not make the mistakes that we are going to discuss below. Size of your clothes, measurements of your body, the stuff of the clothes, etc. everyone should remember these little things. When we don’t care about these things, then we have to wear clothes which don’t fit us. Today we will tell you some tricks that will help you not to make these mistakes while shopping.

You should know your measurements.


It is the most important thing you should know about yourself. You should know your body measurements your hip size, your waist size, your bust size, your neck size. If you don’t do these things, then the clothes you buy will not give you satisfaction.

  • Waist size: It is straightforward to measure your waist size. Take an inch tape in your one hand and place it on your tummy. While taking measurements don’t suck your belly in otherwise it will not give you correct results. Place the inch tape on your stomach and round it across your back and bring it back to the tummy. It will provide you with accurate results.
  • Hip Size: Take an inch tape in your hand and stand straight in front of the mirror. Your hips should face the mirror and place the inch tape on your hips and take the measurement.

  • Chest Size: Take an inch tape and wrap it across your chest and back and take the measurements.
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  • Neck size: Generally neck size is not required for purchasing tops, but it is needed when we are going to buy shirts. Wrap the measuring tape around your neck and have the measurements.

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If you know your body measurements, then it will become easy for you to buy new clothes for yourself. To know your proper size, pick the size chart of one brand and match your measurements. It will become the quickest way for you to purchase clothes.

Not taking brand sizes into account.

We all think that sizes are the same in every brand. But it is not true. Sizes vary from brand to brand. For example: if you wearing a small size of brand XYZ doesn’t mean that the small size of the ABC brand will also give you some fitting. Sometimes it is better to take a different size. Before purchasing any clothes, you should check the brand’s size chart.

Pay attention to the fabric of clothes.

Before purchasing the clothes, do check the quality of the fabric you are going to wear. We will give you a list of clothes which you can buy in large sizes.

  • Woolen Sweaters: You can buy winter clothes in a larger size from what you wear. Loose sweaters will give you more warm than fitted.

  • Cotton Clothes: We all know that cotton clothes tend to shrink more. You should wear cotton clothes in a larger size rather than your usual size.
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Shopping tricks that will blow your mind

  • Collared shirts/blouses: Sometimes shirts get fitted, but they get tightened from the neck. That’s why purchase a large size of shirts.

Shopping tricks that will blow your mind

Clothes you should purchase in a smaller size:

  • Knitted Clothes: Knitted garments easily get stretched and become loose. So you should buy a small scale rather than your usual scope.

Shopping tricks that will blow your mind

  • Jeans: Clothing used in jeans are also quickly get stretched and make them loose. Sometimes, elastic fibers mixed in the clothing of jeans, and they don’t make jeans baggy.

Shopping tricks that will blow your mind

  • Polyester clothing: Polyester is the stuff of apparel that gets stretched after washing. That’s why I don’t buy a larger size.

Shopping tricks that will blow your mind