Signs which tell you that he is just a play boy!

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him? Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is not as easy as it may seem. It is heartbreaking for you to see someone you love, not reciprocating your love. You might be ready to sail oceans for them and they, sadly enough, would not be willing to even cross the street for you. Some people just tend to use you as per their needs and then later on the dump you.

So you need to identify whether you are truly being cared for or are just being used. You need to walk away from such toxic relationships where you only give and give and get back nothing in return. And, the right time to do that is now. Below are some signs which tell you whether the man you are in love with truly loves you back, or he is just a playboy. Take note of these signs and then walk away from that relationship if it demands so.

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1. He is selfish.

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him

When you truly love someone, you think about of your better half, more than you think about yourself. If he is always asking you to do things for him, even when he can do them himself, he doesn’t care enough for you. He is just using you to get his work done. He never asks you whether you are tired or how was your day and straight away jump to conclusions.

2. He doesn’t take the time out to talk to you.

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him

Relationships demand each other’s time and efforts. If he only talks to you when he requires something or when he is just bored, know that he is not that into you. If you love someone, you’ll definitely take the time out to talk to them, no matter how busy your life is.

3. He doesn’t care enough for you.

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him

If you feel that he is unbothered about your well being, or how your day was or who you hang out with, that is because he doesn’t care enough to find that out. It will not bother him even a tiny bit if you hang out with your male friends.

4. He always has a casual attitude.

If he always keeps you waiting, he just doesn’t care how precious your time is and he doesn’t value you enough. He is not giving the best in your relationship and it would seriously not bother him even if you didn’t show up on a date.

5. He doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

The man who is really into you would always compliment you no matter how you look. He will not only compliment you for your physical features, but also for the efforts that you put in to do something. He will always tell you how proud he is of you and how lucky he is to have you in his life. If he doesn’t do any of this, he’s just not the right guy for you.

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6. You can’t count on him.

A playboy will not have your back. Since he talks to you or be with you only when it suits him, you can’t count on him.

7.He behaves differently in front of his friends.

If he is a playboy, he will not feel proud to call you his girlfriend in front of his friends. He would rather not reveal your relationship and also ask you to do the same thing. He doesn’t want his friends to judge him.

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him

8. He lies to you!

Honesty is the key to working any relationship out. You need to be honest with your partner. You need to always speak what is true even if it hurts your partner. If he often lies to you or doesn’t tell you things, chances are that he is a playboy. Also, keeping secrets from your partners is as wrong as lying to them.

9. He doesn’t like to talk things out.

If he always finds an excuse for not discussing your future together, that is probably because he doesn’t see himself with you in the future. He is with you temporarily because he can’t find someone else.

10. You both don’t think alike.

Signs of playboy how can you recognize him

If you find him always quarreling with you on petty issues, you both are not on the same page. If you feel that he always makes a mountain out of a mole just because you don’t agree with him. He gets pissed off when you don’t do things his way. This is the right time to walk away from him.

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11. You are not his topmost priority.

If he is a playboy, there will be other things more important to him than you. You will not be the number one on his priority list. He will always put you down and carry on with his other plans.

12. He is not there for you.

You need your partner to stick with you in your good times as well as your bad ones. If he isn’t there for you to support you and be with you, he is just a playboy.

13.He doesn’t respect you.

Respect is very important when it comes to relationships. You should respect your partner and he should reciprocate. If that isn’t happening, leave right away!

14. He doesn’t make you happy.

If he makes you sad rather than making you happy, it is time to walk away. You deserve someone who makes you feel blessed and happy about yourself.

15. You start feeling that he has changed totally.

If he starts behaving very differently all of a sudden and doesn’t treat you right, he is only using you to serve his purpose.