Some Signs That Show You Are A Troubled Person

4 You say no to your office birthday parties

signs that your troubled person

You are not involved in your co-worker’s bday party. You have no idea about the birthday planning and all. I mean seriously you are out of all this then you are a terrible human being.

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5 The donation is not for you

signs that your troubled person

You don’t like to donate? Oh seriously, You think that you have no problem and you have everything, so you need to donate at all. People today give even their body organs after death, and you are not donating even when you are alive. You can help poor people with money, but if you do not do so, then you are a horrible person.

6 You are out of control when you are drunk

signs that your troubled person

Whenever you are drunk, you are just out of control. You start fighting, and you love to puke whenever drunk. You go out with your friends for the party but instead of partying they have to take care of you, Such a mess you are!

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