Signs which tell you whether a girl likes you or not. |

Signs which tell you whether a girl likes you or not.

When you are with a girl, finding out what exactly is going on in her mind is a challenging task. Moreover, the real icebreaker question is whether she likes you or not. Some girls are just friendly in general. So, it becomes all the more difficult for guys to catch the difference between their friendliness and their fondness.

Sometimes you might feel that if a girl is friendly with you, that means she is into you. This may not be the case every time. And that’s why you restrain yourself from asking her out because you fear rejection.So the only way out of this confusion is to continuously notice her behaviour towards you, as well as her behaviour in general. Take note of the instances which may act as a definite sign of her liking towards you.

These instances may include the way she looks at you, the way she laughs at your lamest jokes or the way she touches you.

To help you gather all these instances, we have prepared a list which might help you. These signs will tell you plainly whether the girl is genuinely interested in you or is just seeing you as any other ordinary guy. Check them out.

1. She texts back in no time.

If she tends to reply to your messages in no time, the chances are that she is into you. In this era, everyone is just busy with their work, and it becomes tough to take out time for people. But for the ones we love, we always find a way out to talk to them, to see if they are doing well and so on. Also, now we get so many messages and notifications on our mobile phones that we tend to ignore most of them. So, if she is giving you that attention and putting in efforts to reply to your messages promptly, it probably means that you are important to her. Now apart from how quickly she is replying, pay attention to what she is replying, the hidden meaning of her texts, the emojis she uses and the tone of her messages.

2. Her eyes are giving you some hint.

Specific changes take place in your body when you are with the person you like. It is scientifically proven that a person’s pupils dilate when he/she looks directly at the person he/she loves. So keep an eye on her pupils any notice any signs of dilation. Pupil dilation suggests that the girl likes you and finds you attractive. The intensity and frequency with which she makes and eye contact with you also have a role to play here. If she initiates and maintains eye contact with you very often, she likes you. Moreover, if she is looking at you while you are searching away, she finds you attractive. The only thing is that girls are not that outspoken when it comes to feelings.

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3. She keeps finding reasons to touch you.

Now here we are not just talking about the intimate or visible touch, but something more than that. If she often finds ways to touch you for example if she casually squeezes your shoulder or corrects your hair or shirt, or if she casually places her hand on your knee, that may be because she likes you. You just need to examine what she is trying to do closely. Many girls are too shy to touch you. They mostly maintain a distance even if they like you. So even if you don’t find her looking for ways to touch you, don’t worry. Look for some other signs because this one’s rare.Also, keep in mind to make your first move only after you are sure that she likes you and is thus looking for ways to touch you.

4. She always tries to impress you.

Girls try to put in that extra effort for someone they like. They try to look their best when they are about to meet the person they like. So, if you find a girl always dressed in the beautiful manner when she is around you, chances are that she likes you. Girls do this to catch your attention, and when they look their best, it gives them more confidence. So try to notice the way she dresses and carries herself when she is with you. Do this not only for the first or the second time, but whenever you meet her. Take your time to find out if what you are thinking is indeed correct or not.

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5. Her friends try to hint you.

The next hint lies in the way in which her friends act in front of you. Girls always share their feelings with their best friends. The chances are that if a girl likes you, she must have spoken to you in front of her friends. So, believe it or not, her friends know every bit of what she feels about you. Hence, try to get the hints from her friends. If her friends act weird or tease her when you are around, that means they are trying to hint you about what is going on in her mind.Her friends will also try to judge you and evaluate you as to whether you will be a perfect match for her or not. So, if you see them checking you from top to bottom, the chances are that she might have shown interest in you in front of her friends.

6. She tries to find out about your relationship status.

If a girl is interested in you, she will be keen to know your relationship status from time to time.Now, this does not necessarily mean that she will ask you directly, “Are you single?”. She might ask you in some other ways, for example, she might ask you about your plans for the weekend or whether you are free to hang out with her and so on. So, here also, if she doesn’t ask you directly, you need to take note of the hidden signs. She does this to make sure whether it is the right time to make a move or not. If the girl is straightforward, she might even ask you directly whether you are involved with someone or not. And if you say that you are single, she will blush and shy away immediately and will try to make further moves.

7. She decides to adopt your mannerism and habits.

If you like or adore someone, you will adopt their mannerism and style knowingly or unknowingly. Even if you don’t mean to, you tend to mirror each other’s way of life.Now, the hint lies in the fact that if she is mirroring your mannerism or style, she is taking the time out to observe you enough to mould herself in that manner. She is not only paying attention to your moves but also replicating them. So, it is now time to reciprocate and be happy about it.

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8. She enjoys your company and finds you to be very funny.

Now, this might sound a little bit illogical, but the key to making a girl fall in love with you is to make her laugh her heart out. If she finds pleasure in the silliest of your jokes, then she might already like you! Girls are always interested in guys who make them laugh and keep them happy in general.

So if she laughs at your dumbest of jokes, she is a keeper! Don’t ever lose her because she finds pleasure and beauty in everything you say, be it the dumbest thing ever!

9. She takes efforts to indulge herself in your hobbies.

A girl who likes you will always be eager to know more about you, about your hobbies and interests. She will not only try to keep herself updated with the facts related to your hobbies, but also talk them out with you. She will tell you to teach her the sport which you are so good at, or will ask you to watch your favourite football game or cricket match with her. If she says that she is also a supporter of the same team you support, this might be just to impress you. She makes sure to take that extra effort to please you and show her interest in you!

10. She puts excessive attempts to talk to you and be with you.

It often happens that we run out of topics when we start a conversation with somebody. But if a girl likes you, she will not run out of things to talk about. She will casually begin any conversation without caring what guys love to talk about. She will just make an effort to be with you and in case she ever runs out of topics, she will share a comforting silence with you which in no way will be awkward for you!



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