Signs which tell you whether a girl likes you or not.

3. She keeps finding reasons to touch you.

Now here we are not just talking about the intimate or visible touch, but something more than that. If she often finds ways to touch you for example if she casually squeezes your shoulder or corrects your hair or shirt, or if she casually places her hand on your knee, that may be because she likes you. You just need to examine what she is trying to do closely. Many girls are too shy to touch you. They mostly maintain a distance even if they like you. So even if you don’t find her looking for ways to touch you, don’t worry. Look for some other signs because this one’s rare.Also, keep in mind to make your first move only after you are sure that she likes you and is thus looking for ways to touch you.

4. She always tries to impress you.

Girls try to put in that extra effort for someone they like. They try to look their best when they are about to meet the person they like. So, if you find a girl always dressed in the beautiful manner when she is around you, chances are that she likes you. Girls do this to catch your attention, and when they look their best, it gives them more confidence. So try to notice the way she dresses and carries herself when she is with you. Do this not only for the first or the second time, but whenever you meet her. Take your time to find out if what you are thinking is indeed correct or not.

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