Signs Which Tells You That Your Crush Is Now Someone Else’s

Do you like someone? Do you have a crush on someone? Do you want to know whether you have a chance to be in a relationship with them? Do you want to find that is your crush is with someone else? Then you are in the right place. If you feel that your crush took by someone else and you feel shy to ask, then there are some signs which indicate that your crush took by someone else.

Use of ‘We’ and ‘Us’


If you guys are in a group and you like someone, and the person starts discussing their plans with you by saying ‘we’ or ‘us’ then that means they have someone in their life. It is the primary symbol that tells you that your crush is in a relationship with someone. They never talk about me or myself, but always there will be someone else in their conversations.

Talking about one specific person

If your crush can’t stay talking about a particular person, then that means both of them are in a relationship. Many times people say that they may be just good friends but what if they are in a relationship. It can be the indication that your crush is now someone else’s lover. A lot of people in a relationship loves to talk about each other in their absence with their friends. Take this sign seriously and make yourself prepare for the fact that the apple of your eye is now with someone else.

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Their social media is full of that person.

It is very common that you keep spotting the person on social media. You keep on checking their photos on social media. If you find one specific person all over their social media, then it is possible that they are their boyfriend/girlfriend. Except for the ones you are sure that they are close friends. A lot of couples love to show their love on social media. One another sign which may tell that your crush is now with someone else is that you will find many sweet comments below their every post on social media.

Your Crush is Always Busy on Weekends.

It is possible that sometimes your crush’s weekend schedule is busy but not always. If weekends started being too busy, then that can be a sign that they are in a relationship with someone. The time that your crush used to spend with you is now paying with someone else. You guys stop making hangout plans on the weekend because your crush remains occupied with some work which you don’t know.

They are always on the phone when you are with them.

The most irritating thing is when you are talking to someone, and they are busy with their phone talking to someone. If you find that most of the time of your crush is spent texting someone on the phone, then that can be the sign that your crush is now in a relationship with someone. It is a most idiotic but real fact that once you get into a relationship, you start talking on your phone whenever you are free or texting most of the times.

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All these signs tell you that your crush is in a relationship with someone. You must take these signs seriously and decide what to do next.