Six Dating Myths

There are several myths and false beliefs which one follow blindly in their relationship. These are being applied to some restrictions which are absolutely senseless and are of no use. Here we mentioned those six common myths which are applicable almost everywhere. Just have a look at these-

1) Men don’t appreciate when women ask for a date
According to a survey, that 18% of the women initiate a conversation through emails and most of the men do not appreciate this gesture whereas, another survey in America shows that 90% of the men have no issues if a woman offers a date.

2) It is necessary to admit your feelings when you like someone
This is one of the greatest myth which is very common in almost every relationship. It is not always necessary to express or confront your feelings in front of your partner.


3) Women are more romantic than men
It has been assumed that women are the ones who believe in love and are more romantic. It has been observed that men are the ones who initiate and proposes with a majority of 75%. A study of 1989 also reveals that women never believe in love at first sight or ideal relationships just like men who initiate with this faith.

4) If things don’t go well on the first date then you’re not made for each other
This is one of the strongest and usual myths which everyone uses as a piece of advice and give to others. Spoiling of the plan may occur on the first date due to several reasons as it was for the first time. But it is not necessary that it is going to happen on every date.

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5) Opposites always attract each other
In the era, where homo has become another type of essential relationship one cannot say that only people of opposite are attracted towards each other or fallen in love with. Also, in behavioural terms, it has been observed in Gizmodo that people who have similar interest or have much better friendship are also attracted towards each other.

6) In a relationship, with time you get to know everything about your partner
After dating a person for a longer duration one might observe that after investing several years in a single relationship with full dedication one still do not know their partners completely.