Six Flirting Tactics that can make you an extrovert lady

Flirting has been becoming an emerging trend these days. But not everyone knows how to flirt effectively and moderately. There are several tricks which can be used by people for flirting in a better way and through which they can avoid their cheap behavior. It is unacceptable by the society if a girl flirts which make it more difficult for a girl to flirt in a way which suits her personality also. So have a look at these several tricks and try to apply them-

1) Eye Contact
It is necessary to maintain eye contact with the person you are interacting. This shows your confidence and self-esteem which can create a good impression on that person.

2) Wearing Red Dress
According to experts, red color conveys a good message and is always helpful in attracting others. It is appropriate to wear red on a special occasion to steal the show.


3) Presence of Humour
This is one of the most important parameters which can help her in winning everyone’s heart. Due to this, she can be titled as “Beauty with Brains”.

4) Always wearing a smile
A smiling woman can be so adorable that she can easily gain the attention of everyone. It not only represents your good humor but also depicts the healthy you. So always wear a smile with you.

5) Mirroring your partner
While having a conversation if you mirror your partner’s habit, it shows your interest in him/her. This continues the conversation in the healthiest manner and attracts the other people.

6) Maintaining voice tone
Maintaining your voice tone is the most important criterion as it represents your confidence, interest, and loyalty.

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