Six gestures which prove that a man is interested in you

A man can be unpredictable and chaotic during a particular situation especially if he finds his true love. He finds several ways to express his love towards his lady. Several gestures are often shown by him to represent his affection and a combination of these gestures are listed below which are commonly used:

1) He smiles in front of you
It is difficult to see a constant smile on a man’s face but if he wears his smile on a regular basis in front of you then he is trying to show his interest in you.

2) He maintains a straight eye contact
If a man is trying to maintain a continuous eye contact then he is definitely interested in you.


3) He raises his eyebrows
In this, a man unknowingly raises his eyebrow on a regular interval which is a strong signal which shows that he wishes to initiate a conversation with you.

4) His hands will be shaking or moving
When a man is interacting with you then you might observe that his hands must be shaking or moving continuously. This represents his nervousness and an interest in you.

5) Opening himself
If a man is in love with you then he might try to open himself completely in front of you as he will develop a trust and blind faith on you.

6) He gives special attention to you
If you are his favourite lady then he will always treat you in a special way. He will always give you priority and all his attention.

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