We have decided to break some skincare myths for you. Let us have a look!

skincare myths you need to stop believing like yesterday


Aging mainly occurs when we expose our skin to solar radiation. Even if it is a cloudy day with no harsh sun hitting the ground, radiation is still present, through the windows too, for that matter. Apply sunblock at all times, no matter what the weather is. Choose an SPF which is less than 30 and do not put less than half a teaspoon in the facial area. You should apply sunblock every two hours if you are roaming in the sun.

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Myth 2:

Oil  can clog pores

Be careful when you select oils for your skin as well as various natural ingredients for your skin. Oil can clog pores or even cause an allergic reaction if you pick the wrong oils for your skin. Watch out for comedogenic ratings; some oils work better for oily skin whereas some work out for dry skin. If the ratings are high, more the chances of clogged pairs.

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If the coconut oil you are using has a high rating, be careful while you apply it to your face. It can be perfect for your elbow or heel cracks, however. Oils have diverse effects on different people. People like removing makeup using coconut oil whereas some people clearly hate it.

Oils are essential for nourishing and softening the skin, and they do contribute to your skincare regime. Oils are present in serums and face cleansers as well. You should not be fearful of oils, just choose the right ones for your skin, that’s about it!

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Myth 3:

Oily skin should not be moisturized.

skincare myths you need to stop believing like yesterday

Ha to be one of the most dangerous of a lot of myths! We all need moisturizing, and oily skin shouldn’t be left-back! We worsen the condition of the skin by keeping it dry with alcohol, soap and other related methods. Skin fat shields against the bacteria and also helps in the renewal of the skin. People who tend to have oily skin develop wrinkles later in their lives.

Make sure you cleanse your skin with products that do not have SLS when dealing with oily skin. Do not just keep your skin dry more often without moisturizing it at all.

Myth 4:

Parabens induce cancer

People have been misinterpreting Paraben as media has been creating a lot of terror in the minds of people. Paraben is used for preserving cosmetic products. They cause skin irritation if you add it in large amounts, which is quite rare.

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No research has proven paraben to induce any kind of disease so far. Studies refer to all the tests carried out on animals. Large amounts have been induced into the animal skin, causing no harm as such. Parabens have to be studied thoroughly before being used in any product. Moreover, lesser-studied preservatives are not allowed during manufacturing.

Myth 5:

Only using natural cosmetics

Naturally, components can be predicted less as compared to the ones that are made in the lab. A trend in the organic component sector induced the impression tha natural ingredients are safer than the latter. This cannot be the truth but works well for advertising! Natural cosmetics are a big yay, but you should be careful when you sue them in the purest form.

Manufacturers of the cosmetic products which used synthesized ingredients would not want to risk their reputation by using something which is potentially harmful. Skin can react dangerously with wrong ingredients, but it does not make it bad for everyone using it. Our skin varies, and when choosing products, we should take our skin type into consideration.

Myth 6:

Face tonic is wasting money

If you wipe your face with water that contains vitamins, you should not stay back for significant outputs. The market has so many tonics and lotions present which have useful elements in them.

Tonics that contain acids exfoliate your skin and soothe your complexion as well. Tonics containing glycerin moisturize your skin. Hydrolates are quite in vogue today, and they have anti-inflammatory properties as well as neutralizing the effect of hard water.

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In cosmetology, a lot depends on individual reactions and skin type. We should not refrain ourselves from modern technology, however, by being so fearful, however!

How many of these skin care regimes do you follow? Do let us know in the comment section below!