Some Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Which Will Result In The Best Cleaning It has Ever Been

When anyone visits our house the first duty, we make sure that if we are keeping our home neat and clean. If we do not find it smart, so we clean it from where we feel it’s dirty. We start house cleaning from our washrooms. Here are some hacks to keep your bathrooms clean so that the person visiting would not feel bad after coming out of it.

1. Tea Up Your Bathroom Mirror

For your kind information, you that the black tea can act as the window cleaner and the mirror cleaner for your bathroom. After cleaning, you will find the tannic acid on your window which you will also get after using a commercial soap for the cleansing purposes. It is the right method.


2. Bag Up Your Clogged Shower Head

Whenever you take a bath under the shower, you will notice that the minerals get a deposit on them which makes the flow of water uneven for us. But don’t worry we have a solution for this purpose. Put a plastic bag on the shower’s head by filling it with the distilled vinegar. Tie the plastic bag for a day. Hence after that, you will get the best results by taking the experience of the shower as if it is the new one.

3. Vinegar = Live Saver

Vinegar is an acid, and hence it is the best tool for cleaning the bathroom substances. You can also clean toilet tank with it by pouring vinegar into the container. Bacterias present in the tank gets killed, and you will get neat and clean washroom. Moreover, the technique with vinegar is eco-friendly. You need not worry about the environmental problems for this.

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