Some Bathroom Hacks Which Will Save Your Day

Keeping your bathroom clean is an essential thing because we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We have some hacks to keep your bathroom clean and fresh. Let’s take a look below.

Make a bathroom rug from towels.


Take three towels and use them to make a soft and well-absorbing bathroom rug. Take all the sheets and start looping them within each other and create a soft carpet.

A unique curtain for your phone and tablet

Some people are fond of taking their phone in the shower and do not find a place to put their phone on. Here we have a solution; you can make this shower curtain in which you can easily place your phone and tablet and get a hot shower.

Stop moving the bathroom rug.

If you are facing the problem of movement of bathroom rug, then Glue one part of the tape on the downside of the mat, and it will stick to the floor.

Make your towels smell fresh.

Sometimes when we put Towels in the bathroom, they start smelling due to wetness. You can use essential oils to make your towels feel fresh. Take a spray bottle and add some water and a few drops of essential oil. Spray this mixture on the sheets, and your towels and bathroom will remain fresh.

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Organize your cosmetics.

We often found that our cosmetic products always get mixed and when we need them we become unable to see. So use a kitchen cutlery tray to organize your cosmetics and small things.

Toilet Paper will keep your bathroom fresh.

It is a fantastic hack to keep your bathroom fresh. Take some drops of essential oil and put them on toilet paper. It will keep your bathroom clean and fragrant.

Hang your cosmetic tubes

If you want to save space in your bathroom, then use the curtain rod to hang your cosmetic tubes. It will use the space and vacant the useful area.

Use small pieces of soap bars.

When the soap bars left into small pieces, then it becomes difficult to use. Here we have an idea to use all the little bars, put all the bars into a loofah and use them for bathing.

Prevent the mirror from fogging up

You can prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up by using a shaving gel. Spread the shaving gel on all over the mirror and then clean the mirror with a dry towel.

Keep your soap from getting slushy.

It often happens that when our soap gets wet, then it starts melting in our soap case and become slushy. Put a sponge in the soap case and then put soap upon it. The sponge will absorb all the extra water.