Some Cool Toothpaste Hacks

Have you ever wondered that your toothpaste can be used for many other things other than cleaning your teeth? Yes, you heard it right! Your toothpaste is much more helpful than you ever thought of. Here we have mentioned some of the coolest toothpaste hacks which you might not have heard before. Just have a look at these tricks:

1) Use them for cleaning swimming goggles to avoid fogging.

2) Using them as a glue to stick posters on the wall


3) Great substitute for Nail-paint Remover

4) Used as a cleaning agent for a thermos flask

5) For shining your car headlight rub some toothpaste on it

6) Can be used for cleaning carpet stains

7) Remove car scratches by rubbing toothpaste and gently wipe with the cloth.

8) Can also be used to rub scratches on CD and DVD Drives

9) Toothpaste can also work as a soap

10) Can remove hair colour dye stains from skin. Gently rub the toothpaste and leave it for 10 minutes

11) Fill the voids present on the walls using toothpaste

12) Use toothpaste to remove ink stains

13) Can be applied to mosquito bites and bee sting.

14) It can also be applied on the burned surface of the iron

15) One can clean their mobile phone screens with a drop of toothpaste

16) You can shine your piano keys by rubbing toothpaste on it

17) One can apply toothpaste to face acne/pimples and leave them overnight

18) One can clean their shoes using toothpaste

19) Silver rings or other items can be cleaned by using toothpaste

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20) Used to remove coffee/tea stains

21) Shine your ceramic sinks using toothpaste