Some Little Known Facts About The Uses Of Duct Tape

People are not much aware of good and bad things in their life, but we are here with one more good idea for you which can help secure you always. One of the good stuff is the duct tape. It is useful to keep duct tape in your household every time.

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1. It Can Save Your Life

Duct tape is very durable, and the tape must be used in every household. We can use the tape from mirror fixes to saving our life. Duct tape is also used in saving lives and even in many mission purposes.

Here is some practical day to day life uses of the duct tape.

2. Hair Removal

If you are a pet owner, then you must try using duct tape. You might be unhappy with the hair of animal in your house but don’t worry duct tape can help you in this matter. Roll the duct tape over the paint roller. Wrap it in the form of the ring and hence tap against your clothes to remove the hair.

3. Make A Boat

As mentioned above, duct tape is very durable, and hence we can use it for water resistance. So for you, we have a new technique, and that is we can make a full boat with the help of duct tape. For the bost to build, you need three 55-yard rolls of duct tape, eight cedar strips and a bottle of gorilla glue and you can buy all things in just less than $20.

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4. Duct Tape Band-Aid

Duct tape is the perfect band-aid for you. Suppose if an animal attacks you then you can cut strips of the duct tape and apply on the wounds of the skin. Duct tape will help you easily heal your wounds.

5. Charging Station

Bring fun in your work always and then only you will enjoy doing things. Why not bring pleasure in your charging process? Create the little pouch for your mobile phone for use during charging. It will solve your problem for keeping the portable phone safe during load.

6. Pure Bliss …Ter

When you wear new shoes that brings pain to your feet. But don’t worry duct tape will help you to resolve the problem. Cover the blisters formed by the shoes with the help of duct tape. With this, there will be no direct contact of feet with the shoes, and hence there will be no friction between them.

7. Go All Out

Duct tape has several uses which we cannot decline using. It is also used in the dress material. It provides an extraordinary look to all of the dress material. It is quite impressive using duct tape. See the theme of the dress in the above picture.

8. Take A Load Off

Above picture is the chair made up of with tape. It seems that the chair would not hold much weight but let me tell you that this chair can hold 225 lbs. You must try using this one.