Some Makeup tips for college girls

When you enter from school life to college, everything changes your environment, your friends, and your personality. You meet new people, face new challenges and explore new things at college. Every day is a different day for you. Especially the first year students, This is entirely a different experience for them. You need to look great every day. Maybe you don’t like or makeup, or you think that makeup can harm your face but a lil bit won’t. You need to have at least kajal, mascara, lipstick, concealer, and powder. Proper composition would not be possible every day and is only for parties just as your fresher’s party, DJ night, etc. So here are five simple makeup tips which you need to know and need to set in your routine. So let us take a look at each one of this one by one,

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1 Mixing a BB cream with a moisturizer that controls oil

If you are using the moisturizer that controls the oil it will keep your skin shining throughout the day, So this is the first point you need to know. To keep away dullness from your face you need to mix a BB cream with SPF and oil controlling moisturizer. Take both of them and mix well in your hand and then gently apply it on your face. After you are ready, you can use this to make your face glowing. You have mixed a moisturizer that will reduce the effect of BB cream so that you need not blend the cream. You will not look flat as BB cream are drew.

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2 Using Kajal

Kajal can work as both eyeliner and a Kajal obvious. You need to carry liquid eyeliner. Moreover, liquid eyeliner is very tuff to use, and you have to wait sometime after applying it. So to avoid this, you can use Kajal, and you can apply it on your lower waterline as well as your upper waterline. You will look pretty.

3 Use mascara

Using mascara along with kajal and eyeliner and will make your eyes look prettier. Mascara is something that is very easy to apply. Don’t ask too much mascara because it will make you look older. Apply only two coats that will be enough. Doing it on lower lashes is not necessary at all.

You need to know one more thing Take a tissue paper. Clean the wand and run it through your eyebrows and here you are done. Clean the brush after using for further use.

4 Choose a lip color

You can use lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, shiny gloss and whatever you like. Its entirely depend on you. You can use that thing with which you are more comfortable. And don’t forget to carry it in your bag because after eating something or drinking something you may need to apply it again. So, girls, this is one of the necessary things you need to take in your college bag.

5 Apply a lil bit of powder

You can apply powder if your face is shiny but only in small amount. You should use a mattifying powder such as Maybelline white super fresh 12 HR Whitening + Perfecting compact if your face is too much oily. If you don’t feel comfortable applying this so you can leave it and you can just carry it in your bag as an alternative.

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So these are some of the makeup tips every college girls need to know. So girls have a look and try it and see the difference in your look and if you some suggestions you can tell us in the comment section. We are looking forward to your comments.