Some Parenting Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy

Being a parent is a challenging task. You bear everything from your child because you love them so much. There comes such a situation in your life where you want to leave everything and get a break. But you can’t do this because being a parent is a very responsible job. You have to take care of your kids and love them. Noone else is going to like or care them as much as you do. With all these problems how can one be a good parent and do all the parenting tasks easily? This article will let you know how you can effectively and efficiently do your parenting job.

Every child is an ice cream lover. Are you tired of their sticky fingers? If yes than relax! We have a solution for you, use cupcake liner at the bottom of ice cream.


When your child’s tooth falls out than as a fairy, you give them money in a hidden manner when they placed that fallen tooth under the pillow. That money you called so ”tooth fairy’s” money. Make is more magical for them by sprinkling glitter on that.

To protect your child from the sun, use a bedsheet over cot for shelter.

If you want your child get easily into jumpsuit than the solution is straightforward. Unfold the shoulder flaps of the jumpsuit.

If the favourite shoes of your child are so slippery and every time persists in wearing that, then don’t worry we give you a solution. Only you have to put some hot glue dots on the outsole of the shoe.

Your child is an artist and always show their talent at walls with colours don’t stop them because you can use some Wd-40 to clean that messy and colourful walls.

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If you want to give apple in your child’s tiffin box, put some salt on it and rinse, it prevents the apple slices from going brown.

Every child packed juice lover like fruity etc. To make more comfortable to hold for them, unfold the flaps at the side of a juice box.

You have to change the diapers of your child to avoid any infection. Wet diapers increase the chance of infection, so we will let you know an easy way whether you have to change the diaper or not. If you saw blue lines outside the diaper than its time to adjust, but if yellow line is there, it’s still safe.

To prevent your child from pulling the straw out of the cup, keep the upside of straw down. It will fix the lower side with the lid of the bowl when your child tries to pull it outside.

To avoid the too much use of lotion by your child, put one rubber band between you nosal of the bottle.

Children are very naughty they always keep on running here and there but if they do this outside the house than it will be risky. They may be met with an accident or lost somewhere. Use parking pals to keep them from running.

You need an empty lotion bottle and cut it into shape given in the picture and fix it at the nosal of your sink tap. This crazy hack helps your child to reach the sink. Because you always teach your child that washing hand is essential.

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