Some Things That You Should Never Flushed Down

Everyone is educated and well qualified, but then also some people do such silly things that even illiterate people don’t do. We know that we cannot throw every waste material into the toilet because there are some things in the environment which do not get dissolved into the water and block the system. If you don’t know about those things, let’s take a look below and learn about it.



Bubblegum is the thing which does not get dissolved into the water and sticks to the walls. Bubblegum can be a cause of blockage in the drainage system and forms the clog into the pipes. You should never throw a bubble gum into the toilet.


Open a band-aid and check out what materials used for its production. Band-Aid is made of plastic like rubber, wax etc. The substances which do not get absorbed into the water. It only blocks the pipes and causes problems for you.

Chlorine bleach

The detergents which contain chlorine are very harmful to the drainage system. The regular use of these detergents blocks the pipes. Don’t use chlorine-based detergents to wash your toilet every day. If you clean your bathroom every day, then use acid or vinegar. It will melt down all the dirt from the pipes and open up the tubes.

Tea Leaves

We think that tea leaves are dissolvable, but unfortunately, we are not right. Tea leaves are very harmful to our toilet and form clogs into the pipes.

Plastic Bags

We all know that plastic bags are hazardous for the environment because it spreads pollution and dirt. Plastic is a non-dissolvable thing, and we should never throw even a little matter of plastic into the toilet. It will block all the pipes and will bring a huge problem for us.

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Cat feces

Cat litter is not like humans; it does not get melted into the water. If you throw the cat litter into the flush, then it will be stuck into the pipes because after sometime cat’s litter take a solid form and form clogs into the drainage system. You should throw the cat litter along with your garbage.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses take years to get decompose, and we can also say that glasses are so small that it will not block the pipes. But it will inevitably harm the environment.


Throwing the dead fish into the toilet is not a good idea because pipes get blocked with dead bodies. It often is seen in people that they even flush down the live fishes which kill the other fishes in the pond.