Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

1 Here is the perfect fried egg

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

Some tricks you only learn in culinary school-Cooking in the home are easy but what you make is not always perfect. Take the example of the perfect fried egg. Sometimes you need the help of masters you need to take some learning classes where you can make the perfect fried egg.

The ingredients which you need for making perfect fried egg are a thick-walled frying pan, half tablespoon of butter and low heat to get started. First, you need to melt the butter and after you have done it your next step is to break the egg and cook it for at least 4-5 minutes.


2 Another method to use a blender

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

Do you want to increase your life of blender? Then guys here is the solution to that. What you have to do is place the material in the place in a way that you put solid first and then liquid. The reason is just that it will help to spin the blade more easily and smoother and creamier. It will undoubtedly increase your life of blender.

3 Now make your burger patty just perfect.

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

Here is the trick to making the adjust perfect burger patty. Put the patty on the cutting board first then your next step is you have to press in the center very gently. This will help to remove air bubbles from the patty, and it will help you in cooking the patty.

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