Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

4 More and more use of frozen food

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

Well everyone thinks that frozen food is not good, not healthy, but this is not the case. I know everyone today wanted to use natural food but using frozen food can also help. Restaurants use frozen food like frozen peas and other things. This will make your cooking easy and faster.


5 Sprinkle it properly at every corner

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

Well, you know that when you sprinkle salt on your food, you should spray it from some height so that it can spread in every corner of the food. And most people use salt at the start and the end of the food but here is the trick for delicious food. Instead of applying at the beginning and ending sprinkles at every stage of cooking it will help to make your food tastier.

6 Mashed your potatoes perfectly

To properly mash your potatoes the trick is here. Firstly you need to dry your potatoes in a warm pan for some time and then smash it. And remember not to add milk before mashing. Add milk afterward. This will help to mash your potatoes evenly and perfectly.


7 You do not need to peel always

Some Tricks You Only Learn In Culinary School

You already know that the skin of fruits and vegetables contains so many nutrients and vitamins which are essential for our body. So instead of peeling them wash them and cut them and put them directly into the pan for the further cooking process, This will benefit you in two ways. First is it will save your time and second is your nutrients and vitamins will not be lost.

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