How to choose a Shirt?

Your perfection attracts the eyes of others. Whether at work or any party, your attire needs to be ideally carried. Perfect attire will get all eyes on you and your impression made is stupendous. How do you get this perfection? How your shirt does fit so well and is perfectly creased? Questions most of people want to be answered.

A perfect dress shirt and your full attire make you feel confident. You feel that charm in yourself and carry this attitude effortlessly. But, most of the men fail to reach it. They try kicking out the mess but end up being messier. Either you get the size that is too large, shoulders drooping, wilted collars and what not? You can fix these issues. You just need to know some ways to get a perfect shirt every time that compliments your complete attire.

The Material

Some ways to get a perfect shirt for you


Some cloth materials are suitable to wear but cause you issues, and you might not feel comfortable in it. Every time you visit a store and your eye gets on that shirt which is all perfect, and you even buy it, but later you realize that the material isn’t what you needed. Light-weighted cotton shirts are easily wearable; they just require proper ironing to have a better look. Light-weighted cotton helps you stay cool and doesn’t suffocate you unless it’s too tight. Materials like these are breathable; they can be carried easily; also easily shapes with a good ironing. To save money, time and efforts, keep in mind the kind you want to buy. By being aware of the material, you’ll know what to buy and how to keep it. Get a cloth that lets your breath and fits you perfectly.

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The Fitting

Is getting a perfect shirt a myth? No, it’s not. There are times when you buy a shirt, and it may not fit perfectly to your body as it did before purchasing. It is not your fault. Sometimes it is the material that doesn’t finish the look; it might seem not to fit perfectly and even if it foes you cannot breathe. To get a perfect fit, first, you need to identify your body type. Every other person has a different body shape, you might be slim, but that doesn’t mean you’ll fit in the slim fit. You need to identify your body type which helps you decide what suits you – slim fit, casual fit or the standard fit. For a perfect fit, you should see how the shirt looks on you whether the collar fits and shoulders align correctly with your body. If all of this matches your body type, you’re ready to buy it. Keep in mind what fits you the best.

The Collar

Collars, again something that you need to decide what kind you want. We often mistake and neglect this vital part. Office shirts, casual shirts, and other types have different types of collars. Decide whether you want a standard collar, a winged tip one or a French collar. All you need to do is invest some time in yourself and dressing by knowing what suits you more.

The Cuffs and Armholes

Some ways to get a perfect shirt for you

Standard, broad or barrel cuff? Again a choice you need to make. Some people love cufflinks, which add a sober look to your attire. Shirts made for cufflinks are different. You don’t always buy the shirts that need cufflink. While purchasing shirts have a look at the cuffs and buy according to the occasion too. And also make sure that the armholes should be of the perfect fitting, that whenever you move your hands, it is comfortable.

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The Body and the Shoulder

Some ways to get a perfect shirt for you

You should have a perfect fitting for your shirt. The shirt should fit around your torso. Be a gentleman and dress like one. Make sure your shirt is buttoned up correctly that you feel comfortable in it. To have a proper sophisticated look the shoulders should be perfect in fitting – not so loose and not very tight. To avoid wrinkles and creasing, prefer a fitted shirt with shoulders hitting right.

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The Tucking process

Some ways to get a perfect shirt for you

For a formal look, one should keep the length of the shirt long as it would be easier to tuck. Go for short length when you don’t tuck your shirt and keep it casual. Most men make these mistakes, and these are the only mistakes that one needs to avoid. Also if you tuck your shirt in, make sure you tuck it in neatly. The creases shouldn’t be seen around the belt. Tuck it in properly.

For a complete sophisticated and perfect look, you need to follow all of these steps while buying a shirt. Why do we choose to wear clothes according to our body type? It is because we need to be comfortable in what we are wearing. The aim is to have a good impression. The right clothing makes you feel confident about yourself whereas unfitted clothing lets it down and the impact caused isn’t appreciable. To gain a professional look one needs to dress well.

The process does not end here. You bought the shirt, wore it but it won’t stay the same every time. You have to take care of your clothing after every wash. Shirts require ironing and keeping it correctly, avoiding creases.

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It is at times difficult to pack a shirt as it leaves creases. But, if you know the basics, this will be the most comfortable task for you. To avoid wrinkles, place one shirt within a shirt. This sounds easy, and it surely prevents creases that pop up on your shirts. While packing stuff with other garments, we face difficulty in packing ironed shirts. But, do not worry we got the solution for this also. Here are some ways:

  1. Firstly start with the buttons. Button up the top, middle and the bottom of the shirts. It is an essential part of our folding.
  2. Place the shirt on the plain surface with the backside upwards. Placing it on a plain surface would make it easier to fold. Place your finger under the collar and take a sleeve and now fold it right into the shirt. Do the same on the opposite side. This gives a perfect line that runs till the edge. Align both of the sleeves in precision.
  3. Now the main folding. Fold it over, and you are done.
  4. But to prevent creasing, you can follow the cloth within cloth tip. At the second step of folding, place another half done shirt or a tie along the length of the shirt. After you have kept the shirts properly, repeat the third step of folding, and you are done. Your shirts are ready to be placed in the suitcase.