Sometime It Is Good To Adopt Some Bad Habits

Sometimes it is good to be wrong. In our daily routine, there are so many things that taught us like wake up early in the morning, exercise daily, do not consume alcohol and smoking, etc. These things make our life disciplined and healthy. Good habits are good at listening but are very difficult to adopt.

Some good habits are not always right. Here we come up with an article in which we described some excellent practices that turn out to be mistaken.


Research says to stay healthy a person need a sound rest of regular pattern. But if a person breaks this consistent pattern of sleep, there is a chance of diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

People those who don’t sleep in a regular pattern, there is an increase in BMI(Body mass index) and waistline.


Vitamins are essential to keep our body health.  Fruits and juices provide all the vitamins that our body needs. But in case of illness and pregnancy, consult a doctor to know how much amount of vitamins our body needs.


Don’t take a shower with too much hot water because it leads to dryness, peeling, and appearance of cracks in your skin.

If you take a shower regularly, don’t use cleansing products periodically but these are essential for areas where we sweat.

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Turn away from people who sneezes and coughs

When a person sneeze or a cough, germs spread out everywhere with 5 meters per second speed. In that case, you can’t hold your breath for a long time to avoid being near that person.


We should brush our teeth twice a day. But some people advice to brush after every meal. You should not need to because abrasive components of toothpaste may harm your health at that time. Because with intake of acidic or sweet, enamel of teeth gets softened by them. So abrasive segment may damage your teeth in that case.

So after eating rinse your teeth with mouthwash or water.

Don’t take a nap after a meal

After a nourishing meal, taking a nap leads to weight gain. Because at that time our body starts to store the calories instead of burning.

If you want to take a nap, then go for a walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Avoid over cleanliness.

Cleanliness of your house or area where you work is essential, but over-cleanliness is also harmful to our body. Antibodies present in our body fight against infections. If a person lives in the area of over-cleanliness antibodies, have nothing to fight with. In that case, chemicals that used to create that ultra clean environment starts to harm our body.

If you have kids, it is necessary to grow up them in the normal clean environment than ultra clean because over-cleanliness end up with allergies.

Use the microwave for reheating.

Scientist says reheating of food using the microwave is better because it heats the food quickly and elements and nutrients don’t have time to dissolve.

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Always cover the food with lid and some water for fast and with burn heating.

Use only high-quality sunglasses.

To protect our eyes from UV rays, dust, heat use only high-quality sunglasses because they have active penetrating power.

Cheap sunglasses don’t have adequate penetration power.

Sudden wake up is terrible.

When we walk up suddenly with alarm is harmful because if the reason given below:

  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • It harms the heart.

If you want to wake up naturally use that alarm which wakes up you gradually.