Stephanie McMahon Expressing Her Future Plans For The WWE Industry

Stephanie McMahon's future plans

Stephanie McMahon’s future plans for the WWE-The WWE enterprise has seen some ups and downs along their way with the down being on the crown jewel Saudi Arabia incident. They have surely gone past that and are now looking forward to the WrestleMania season ahead. They have been around the television entertainment for quite a while now and what lies ahead for them in the future, only time can be the judge of that.

At the World Web Summit in Lisbon this year, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon sat down for an interview with CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze. In this interview when asked about the future of WWE she revealed that she has bigger plans than just regular WrestleMania. She is optimistic that in given ten years WWE could grow and become as big as Disney. She is setting the bar very high for her company but also admits that WWE officials and everyone involved needs to work very hard to make it a reality.

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Stephanie McMahon’s future plans

Stephanie’s Official Statement:

Stephanie McMahon's future plans

Stephanie said in her statement to Elizabeth, “10-20-30 years from now, there’s no reason we can’t be as big [as] or bigger than Disney.” She added, “Now that’s a tall order, especially given recent transactions. However, there’s no reason why we can’t get there. You have to dream big, have big, bold goals, and go after them.”

WWE’s recent signing:

Sure WWE has got a fair share of followers, fans or viewers and presence has been felt in the television entertainment for a long time now. The television ratings for WWE keeps changing on a weekly basis, but they are always there in the media.

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Recently, WWE was able to land a deal with FOX for their show smackdown which was probably the reason why Stephanie went on record with her plans for the future. It is a massive deal especially for Vince McMahon who visions for the enterprise are turning into a reality. With this recent signing, WWE has secured an annual intake of 468 million dollars, which is like three and a half times more than what WWE is making right on a yearly basis.

The USA network has kept another WWE event RAW, but the enterprise is branching out to Australia and the Middle East by hosting events wrestling events there too. The move to go international was a bold one considering their success on the USA network, but they are optimistic that their international fans from all around the Globe will turn up and make WWE a global entertainment industry.

Statistical data:

As per the big lead’s data, WWE’s current market cap is only $5.8 billion whereas Disney, Whom Stephanie plans to surpass is sitting with a whopping market cap of $172.7 billion. The gap is a bit mountain-like, but Stephanie wants to achieve what many enterprises can only dream of. She made it clear in her statement that this plan for the future is there to inspire everyone involved with WWE to work hard and make it a reality.

However, being optimistic is positive, but if you don’t have the records or data to show for it, then it will probably take way longer than just ten years even to come close to Disney. The records show that there has been a steep decline in the average number of viewers from what it was back in 2000. However, considering live stream Television is gaining popularity, Television on the go has become a reality, and this might help pump the numbers back to where it was in 2000.

When you have genuine good intentions, but end up failing anyway.

The fan base that WWE has, the followers that WWE has from almost every age category,  in the television industry is second to none. Disney has been around for decades now and what started as a small Television entertainment company became the one as we know it to be now. Disney is something that Television industries probably use as an example to excel, and that is what Stephanie’s remark was based on.


Yes, maybe it was too soon for Stephanie to make a bold statement considering it was just a bump in the revenue for the WWE industry but no one can blame her for wanting or desiring the best for her company. WWE despite the decline in viewers ratings still has a long way to go, and yes it is a successful, promising event, but Disney is in a league of his own now, way ahead of Enterprises like WWE and several others. For Stephanie’s remark to be a reality in the next ten years, Disney has to fall to the sewers for whatever reason which is very unlikely.