Is your body reacting to iron-deficiency?

10 Alarming Signs That Say Your Body Is Lacking Iron

Based on a survey, 50% of Indian women are anemic, and this condition can pose serious threats if not treated at the right time.

To check for iron deficiency in your body, visit the nearest pathology lab and get a test done. If not, you can check for these signs which are indicative of less iron in the body. Watch out for these signs-

1. Tiredness

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

The most common symptom of iron deficiency has to be tiredness. RBCs take oxygen to our muscles and various organs. When there are lesser cells, you tend to feel weak leading to extreme fatigue.


2. Pale Skin

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

The pinkish tint on your skin is due to iron. Yes! The presence of Haemoglobin in the skin decides the tone of your skin. Lack of iron makes you pale as there your blood cells are smaller and paler in the middle. The easy way out to check whether you have less iron in your system is by checking the insides of the eyelid. If it is light, you should start taking more proteins.

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3. Problems in breathing

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

If you feel physically exerted when you go for a long run due to breathlessness or chest pain, it is due to low hemoglobin in your body. This happens when oxygen distribution is sparse in the system. The body tries hard to make up for the oxygen that is required during rigorous physical training and hence we might experience chest pains and breathlessness.

4. Dizziness

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

Less iron in the system leads to headaches. There is insufficient oxygen that is being transported to the brain which leads to swelling of the blood vessels in the brain. Iron deficiency also lowers our BP, and we end up feeling dizzy in such circumstances.

5. Palpitation of the heart

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

This could be one of the symptoms as less oxygen does exert the heart to the limits. Before being fearful of such symptoms, know that anemia can be detected treated. Only in the worst situations, such palpitations are ought to happen.

6. Skin damage

Symptoms of iron deficiency in your body

Skin and hair happen to be the secondary organs of our body. When the oxygen supply is limited, the oxygen will be first sent to the integral core of the body and then to the hair and skin. This poses a threat to the skin and hair’s condition. Ferritin is a protein that releases and stores iron, and its deficiency causes skin and hair to become fragile.

7. Swelling of the tongue

Swollen Tongue

Doctors check the tongue the first during a checkup. The tongue can talk volumes about the condition of your health. If it looks inflamed or discolored, iron deficiency could be the cause. Cracksprsent inside the mouth could also indicate less iron in the body.

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8. Chapping of the nails

Brittle Fingernails

Towards the later stages of anemia, one might find their nails becoming brittle. Lack of iron causes thinning of the nails and they become flat or concave in appearance. The best of pedicures and manicures won’t be able to help you with this.

9. Restless Legs

Restless Legs

Excess iron in the system leads to less dopamine in the body which is a crucial chemical controlling the movements of our body. This leads to a restless leg condition. One experiences twitching or tickling in the lower half of the body which can only be fixed when you shake or move your legs.

10. Pica


Less iron in the system causes weird cravings to some people. This condition is termed as Pica.  People feed on chalks, clay or even dirt in that matter. These will only put toxins into the body which is fatal in the longer run.

If you can relate to the symptoms mentioned above, visit a doctor. It is best not to ignore anything you have been observing a few changes in your body for a long time. After all, prevention is better than cure.