The Door To Your Happiness



Look at the doors in the above picture. Choose a door which you think will bring happiness to your life. Choose carefully, look at the shape, colour and type of the door and only then choose.


Have you chosen the door? Now scroll down and find out what the door has for you.

The Blue door:

You are a person who enjoys giving rather than taking. You can be extremely helpful to others. You don’t fancy a large friend circle but a small group of close companions who are very loyal to you. You chose this door because you don’t talk about yourself to just anybody, but only to certain trusted friends. You are very honest and like to maintain peace and charm in your life. You are very resilient; one may find it hard to befriend you, but you have a hidden softness inside you.

The Purple door:

You are a power seeker. You are an active, energetic and forthright person who doesn’t like to fake his personality. You may have an intimidating appearance, but, there is some softness in you too. You seek great love, and people find you very lovable. You need to tackle your difficulties with patience and perseverance and only then will great happiness come to your life.

The Red door:

If you have chosen this door, then you are an enthusiastic and a loving person. Your wisdom and happy personality make you befriend a lot of people. You balance a perfect mix of vigour and humility. Red is the colour of love, strength and energy which emanates from your aura.

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The Owl door:

This door depicts an owl, which is a symbol of slyness and curiosity. You have a detective type personality. You like to be independent and work out things on your own. You possess a loving heart, and this makes everyone like you. Your mysterious demeanour and positivity make the opposite draw towards you.


Now you know why you chose that door and what it had to say about your personality, share with your friends and have fun.