These 11 signs will prove that the girls are in love with you |

These 11 signs will prove that the girls are in love with you

Are you a boy and wish to know that your crush loves you back or not? Or do any other girl loves you in a secret way? Then it won’t be a difficult job for boys anymore because here we have mentioned 11 best signs through which one can find out what is running through a girl’s mind. Just have a look and observe these signs around you-

1) Girl’s Pupil increases in size
Ever observe this? Whenever a girl looks towards her crush, the size of her pupil automatically increases as she likes that person due to which oxytocin is released and results in this reaction.

2) Pattern of her legs when she is around you
If the girl likes you she will sit in a firm or restricted position with her legs joined. But she doesn’t like you then she will sit casually without any restriction.

3) If she sits close to you
Suddenly, if she starts sitting closer to you every time and there is some change in her behaviour then it is a direct sign that she loves you.

4) If she is continuously staring you
If she likes you and wishes to be your girl then she will continually stare you without letting you know.

5) Observe her hands and face
If you have a doubt on a specific girl then you must observe her hands and her facial expressions whenever she is around you or with you. If she is in love with you then she will definitely seem to be nervous.

6) If she is trying to imitate you
If she is trying to do so then it is a clear indication that she likes you and wish to know more about you.

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7) Observe her toes
If she loves you then she will definitely move her toes constantly to seek your attention.

8) If she continuously checks her looks
She will be conscious which will force her continuously to recheck her looks and make sure that everything is fine so as to create a good impression on you.

9) If she is looking in her mirror
Since she is constantly forced to recheck her looks so she will definitely go to use her mirror again and again. And if she do so then she surely likes you.

10) Observe her hand movements
Same goes with her hand movement. If she is around you then she will be nervous and her hands will work accordingly.

11) How she plays with her hairs
To impress you and to gain your attention she will definitely play with her hairs in different ways. Try to observe this sign.

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