These 12 signs prove that your Husband is the Best

Here are the twelve most ideal gestures which can prove that your husband is the best if they are showed by your husband on a regular basis. These signs are mentioned in the following points just have a look on them and observe them in your husband daily activities or habits-


1) He consoles you when you are in a bad mood
For your husband the first priority is your happiness. If he is listening to you or consoling you with lots of patience even if you are not in a mood to talk or respond. This shows an act of care which proves that he is the one for you.

2) He makes your life simpler
Being your better half, if he trying to make your life simpler, full of happiness and love then he shows how much you matter to him and he can do anything for your happiness.

3) You can feel his Love
His gesture will always try to make you feel special even in public. This will make you feel his love and efforts.

4) He respects your emotions
Your emotions, thoughts and words are really important for your husband. He will always listen to you with interest and will always respect your emotions and opinions.

5) He helps you in household works
All the ideal husbands help their wives in their household works. If your man really cares for you then no matter what he will surely help you in your work.

6) He laughs at your jokes
If he is responding to your jokes and laughing in a positive manner then it truly depicts his love and interest for you.

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7) He is honest
A perfect husband will always remain honest towards his wife and will share every small detail of his life. This can strengthen your bond.

8) He knows you very well
What are your habits, your favourite food, chocolate etc.? He knows everything.

9) He never has a love for his pleasure
While moving in physical relationship he will always focus on your safety and pleasure. He will never think just for himself by hurting you.

10) He is good in remembering dates
Whether it is your birthday or your anniversary, he will never forget to celebrate it in a special manner and will start preparing for the surprise in advance.

11) He adores your smile
He will always finds several ways to maintain that beautiful smile on your lips. He loves to see you in this manner.

12) You will always remain beautiful for him
No matter how fat or ugly you become for him you will be the most special and beautiful women for him forever.