These 90’s Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get

90’s things that kids born in 2000 will never get-Remember the days when there were no Mobile phones and other gadgets, we used to play outdoor games and also computer games. But, do today’s kids know how fun it was back then? They’ll never know how good the era was. Youngsters these days are busy with their mobile phones and other technologies. Life keeps changing with time. The last decade knew the real fun but today’s generation has a different meaning. We listed some fun things we did before and today’s kids will never have them!

Playing Solitaire

These 90's Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get


Now you can play any game on your phones anytime. Before, it wasn’t the same. You needed a desktop to play games and solitaire was that one game everybody wanted to play. The picture shows the climb you had to walk on to reach your game.


These 90's Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get

Overhyped equipment, the OHP was the projector of those days. Not everybody knew the techniques to use it, but those who knew were considered to be the most innovative and influential in the class. Now, every other kind knows how to use any electrical equipment.

Deleting Texts

Gone are those days when we got limited memory and those early warnings to delete messages so that we could free up some space. Now, we got the right amount of memory and now there no such need to remove things. But back, people struggled with space.

Snake 2

These 90's Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get

The coolest game of all time, Snake 2 will always remain in our hearts. Today also, we search for a keypad phone to play this game. It was the only game back then everybody played to get away with boredom. The game will never return and kids today will never know how fun the game was. I wish we can get the games back.

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Composing Ringtones

These 90's Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get

Back then we weren’t digitalized much. Now we have ringtones ready on our phones, but before it was a game of numbers where we could make our ringtones. Though it was time-consuming but worth the efforts, a melody created was soothing enough.

Sending Songs

These 90's Things That Kids Born In 2000 Will Never Get

Today we have various applications through which we can share images, songs, and files with different phones, efficient enough and not time-consuming. Back then we had Bluetooth’s, the only way to share songs. It was considered cool and was a better way to connect.

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Webcam Selfies

Selfies weren’t that easy to click back then, today we have selfie cameras, but then we had to struggle to get a perfect selfie.  It was a struggle to manage the camera in hand and to see yourself on the screen to get a definite click. Want to try webcam selfie in today’s time?

MSN Messenger

Before Facebook, we had MSN messenger, the only way to connect online. It was available on the desktop, and the conversations people had were the purest and worth remembering.

Logging off MSN

Logging off the account was the main problem, you never know when your mom could ask for the phone or could use the desktop, and all your secrets will be revealed. Eventually to struggle with logging.


The only place people had for downloading songs or any audio file. The only problem they had was that these songs were the edited radio versions as there was always an RJ speaking in between the songs.

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Another social networking site of the ’90s, to make their social profiles more exciting people started to learn HTML. The hack helped people in making their patterns pleasing.

Top 8

Pleasure back then was cheap; you never had good conversations with people but seeing your name in Top8 friends list was a mere pleasure.

Top of the Pops

So, Friday finally came! The most awaited day, when you got to know which of your favorite songs topped the charts. The whole week people waited to see the list of singles shared by Top of the Pops.

Internet Explorer

Google browsers now work more than internet explorers, but back then it was internet explorer the only bliss of 90’s kids. There was a lot of struggle to manage. Now you use hassle-free browsers, but internet explorer was best to back then.


Earlier you could keep a check on what sites you saw and how much cost they incurred. The whole idea is different today, now you have unlimited internet, and no one can look at what you saw. Today you are safe with these monthly checks!

Times change, technologies change, and over a decade things can completely change. You never know when new technology can replace today’s technology and again you have to go through these changes to work out. Every decade has its own best things which the next decade can never see but will still hear of it. Change is acceptance.