These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can’t Be Mould

Signs of real intelligence-The activities or actions we do sometimes look like idiots. But these activities can become the reason of our intelligence. Only a few people can find our skills and features from our actions. To identify your knowledge let us take over a look upon today’s given article and see your extraordinary intelligence.

You are left-handed (ambidextrous)

These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can't Be Mould


In 1995, the new yorker journalist Maria Konnikova experimented with a group of left-handed and right-handed people:

Left-handed people are more efficient in combining two familiar objects in different ways to form a third. For example the formation of birdhouse using a pole and a tin. According to scientists left-handed people have the creativity to generate new ideas called “divergent thinking “. These are people who have equally developed hand activity. To activate the undeveloped area of the brain, right-handed people should also try to do some actions with the left-handed.

Worried about even the smallest things.

These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can't Be Mould

During a study, the scientist asked 126 elementary school students to fill questionnaires about how they feel worried about something and situations that make them upset. Those kids who worried more got more points in the non-verbal intelligence test, and the scientist finds out the fact that they do their work more efficiently and adequately.

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You love joking.

These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can't Be Mould

At the University of Mexico, 400 students tested on their ability to discuss specific topics and after passing this students were asked to give captions to some cartoons.

Estimators examine these captions, 86% of smarter students got the highest point. When research held with comedians, all of them got more than average result In a nutshell, according to the scientist, humor makes us smarter and give shape to our brain and nervous system.

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You are too curious.

These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can't Be Mould

According to a psychologist at London University,” it’s more likely that a curious child, as opposed to one who simply learns by heart, will become an innovator during his lifetime.”

According to professor Chamorro – Premuzic, curiosity makes science and art more interesting for a child.

In one British study, the scientist observed through an IQ test that 11-year-old kids are more curious and open to a new experience in their future.

You are a night owl.

Persons who are night owl are more intelligent than average; this is due to high brain activity.

Personality and individual difference magazine published about a study of the connection between a child’s intelligence and sleeping habits. This study is done among thousands of young people and concludes that smart people love walking up later.

You are very impressionable or easily distracted.

According to the scientist, People who are easily get distracted by social network notification, tea break or even during conversation are smarter than others.

For a person harder to stay concentrated, smarter he is because acc to the scientist it is severe to control the high-level of brain activity.

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You walk a lot.

An American scientist says that people who live in pedestrian-oriented cities are more intelligent than those who live in cities where transport prevails.

Realize how much you still don’t know.

Smart people are fearless in saying,”I don’t know”. If they don’t do something, they find out something new. So if you are not afraid of asking questions which are popping in your head, then you are smarter than a lot of other people

You are good at self-control

These Signs Of Real Intelligence Can't Be Mould


Smart people are good at suppressing emotions and before doing something they also think of consequences.