These three things you should not do around your teenager

Teenage age is a journey which can be frustrating which is very tuff and especially raising a teenager is more tuff. It’s not an easy job for parents. Here is some expert advice that you should follow if you face this problem.

Let us look at three of these experience


1 Be constantly unavailable

This here means that you are emotionally not available or just distracted. Here we are not talking about your busy schedule you can be working but you can tell your child that you can call me whenever you need. This means you are available for the children. If you are not available for your child, this behavior can lead to depression, detachment, or lack of identity.

It is essential, to be frank with your teen so that they can tell you about their first friendship, first love, and other school stuff. This is tuff but not impossible. No pressure technique works best here. Given below is some advice

FInd ways to be potentially available. It may seem weird in starting, but if you opt a habit of it, then you will be used to this.

You can say like this

“I will be in the study working if you want me” or “I have to run to the grocery store but do not hesitate to call my cell phone if you need me.”

Try this will work.

2. Dismiss their ambitions

Every teen when grows want to become something in life may be a dancer, actor, model or a teacher. Every teenager has some dreams which he/she wants to fulfill. But there are times when parents of teen come in a difficult situation.

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For example, your child wants to become a dancer he has excellent dancing skills but on the other hand, he is excellent in maths, and his maths teacher wants him to be a professor of maths and not only this due to his skills he might get scholarships in the famous university/college then what would you do?

It is tuff to decide, and parents need to think wisely but pushing should not be there.

So here is the advice of Robert Hellman, a Manhattan career consultant and a teacher at NYU about the future career.

A child should recall the top seven incidents which have an impact on child’s life. This is the key to help your child with his career.

Here are some of the central questions which you should ask your child “What did you feel you do best? Why did you do it? What was your behavior with other people in those activities? What is that you enjoyed about this?”

You should be comfortable with your child. Build trust with your child. Make your communication better with your child. This may be helpful to your child so that he/she can quickly conclude. The result may be not satisfactory to you but let him do what makes him happy not what makes you happy. Because when we put our heart and soul into any work, we can be successful.

3 Constantly criticize

Well criticizing is an awful thing. The situations might get worse. Yes we sometimes agree our teen is wrong they should not do some things, or they cannot have all the things they want, but this does not mean that we should start using abusive language with our teens and start cruising them.

Some things that girls do which guy likes

Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D. an author and Austin based psychologist tells that while it’s tempting to criticising when he or she is not behaving, but opposition is natural to form of development that parents must understand

The psychologist also says that instead of pointing out their character or passing comments related to their personality point out their decision. For example, meaning that you are messy say that” We know that you dislike doing chores more now that you are older, but we still need to have them done. ”

Yes, this will not solve the problem entirely but this can improve your relationship.

These were some of the advice that might work with your teen. Try this and tell about your experiences in the comments section. You can say about more help if you have. You can say about the relationship with your teen at your home. We would love to hear your advice.