Things Seems Differently Under Microscope

As we know our planet earth is a vast place, so it is impossible to explore it during our lifetime. Things seem to be different when we look closer to them. Similarly, the world can be peculiar if seen under a microscope. The microscope helps us to look at the things by enlarging their pictures a hundred times or thousand times using a different type of lenses, which we unable to see with naked eye. We have collected some pictures that are magnified with the help of a microscope and when you saw that pictures your mind must be going wild with all that possibilities. These pictures are given below:

Have you ever tried to see the snail’s tongue? Here we are showing you snail’s tongue examined under the microscope. When you saw this picture, you refuse to believe that anybody is having the tongue like this, but Yes it is like that. It has a banded ribbon-like tongue called as radula in scientific language.


It is the picture of tapeworm seen microscope. It shows tapeworm’s head, and it’s spiky mouthparts which are unable to see with the naked eye.

When you saw LCD screen with the naked eye pixels are very small that can’t be able to see; when you saw under the microscope, you saw many oranges, blue and green lines on the screen because those small pixels got magnified with the help of microscopic lenses.

When You saw snow with the help of microscope it not at all looks like snow, it looks likes small white coloured flakes, and constituents particles are of different shapes.

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When we usually saw the nib of the ball pen, we can’t be able to see that tiny ball embedded in the nib which examined under the microscope.

You can’t believe that silicon dioxide has a polka dot-like structure. Yes, it is, you can see it under the microscope. But it appears to be bright bluish white luminescence with the naked eye.

If we tell you that this is the picture of espresso, can you believe? But sorry! You have to think that because it looks like this when you saw it under the microscope.

If I ask you that how the vanilla looked? You will say it is a white coloured product. Then I pray to saw you that under the microscope and analyse what you are saying is true or not,  then you investigate a strange thing that it is not entirely white, it looks slight colourful. After that, you can only say vanilla does not look like vanilla.

When you saw a mouse embryo under the microscope, you will come to know that. It looks like molecules.

Take sugar and put it under the microscope, you will get confused is it sugar or small prisms it happens because with the microscope we saw the things in a more magnified manner.

We all know gold is expensive, but it also looks expensive even under the microscope. It also looks like gold coloured flakes as snowflakes.

When you saw sand under the microscope, you will come to know that it contains many coloured crystals.

It Is the picture of lice for all those people who are neat and clean. Lice are the those irritates us much more than anything else which seems like so small, but actually, it is not as seen under the microscope.

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