5 Idealistic Expectations That Women Demand From Men

What are the things women want from the men? When we fall in love, we tend to add a lot of unrealistic beliefs to the relationship. These expectations are mostly imaginary and idealistic. When the reality strikes and everything goes contrary to what we had imagined, the fabric of a relationship is torn apart into pieces. There can be a lot of utopian presumptions that are responsible for the downfall of a perfect relationship. We present the five main unrealistic expectations women have about men.


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1. A College Degree

5 Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

Education is crucial in today’s world. When you have a degree, it is quite evident that you will have more career options than those without a college degree. It is quite natural that you will look for a well-educated partner. Greater the qualification, the greater are the chances of a good job prospectus. Indeed a degree ensures that your future won’t be financially hit.

5 Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

But what if you fall in love with a guy who hasn’t been to a college? Or a man who is working and earning decent earnings but doesn’t have a degree? Would you break away from a man if you cannot boast about his qualifications?

Unconditional love doesn’t demand petty things such as graduation to form a strong and lasting bond with each other. It is not necessary that a man with a degree will keep you as happy as a man who doesn’t have a degree but, loves you passionately, understands you and treats you kindly.

2. Riches

5 Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

Money, undoubtedly, can make your life a lot easier, and comfortable. With money, you will always feel privileged of the riches you have and the opportunities that lay ahead. A huge balance in your bank account may make your worries less intense, but money doesn’t necessarily buy you happiness.

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5 Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

Happiness is understanding and love towards each other. Money without the intellectual bond between partners is just a paper monster that will slowly eat away at your relationship. We vow to uphold each other through thick and thin, for richer or for poorer and in health or sickness.

3. Social Status

We all yearn for an opulent life. Having all the charm and luxuries at hand makes you feel like a queen. After all, you have grown wanting to be a princess throughout your life. Living an exuberant lifestyle ensures that all your wishes and demands will be fulfilled and you will be the cynosure of all eyes.

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However, a lavish lifestyle doesn’t assure you a successful relationship. If you select your partner for his charms rather than his character, you are only heading towards a pitfall.  You must choose a man for love and not for his last name. Names mean nothing if you can’t peace, love and affection within your relationship.

4. Religion

Religion is still an important factor that determines one’s belongingness. Children. Religion dominates the dos and don’ts in most of the families. It gives people a purpose for living and a sense of discipline. The beliefs and spiritual experiences pass from one generation to another.

It is quite apparent that you will choose a partner who is more or less practicing the same religion as yours. Marrying a person out of faith is still considered a taboo and is frowned upon by the firm believers.

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But when you fall in love with a man, do you look for his belongingness, his religious or social affiliations? Love always comes as a surprise. Love happens. Isn’t it enough that a man loves you passionately, adores you and considers you as a part of his life?

It is not necessary that a guy who is of the same religion as yours will keep you happy throughout your life. Having common beliefs, values and goals, are more important than blindly following a religion. After all, every religion teaches the essence of love. Why limit the divine and universal endearment to a particular sect?


5. Marriage License

Marriage, in real terms, is just a legal and social acceptance of a couple to be together. When a man asks you to marry him, it doesn’t mean that he is making you sign some binding document. It means he is committing to you. Marriage means being always there for each other, physically and emotionally.

You may think that by ‘forcing’ your man to marry you, he will be bound to commit to you. However, even marriage cannot help save a weak relationship to fall apart, leading to divorce and mental trauma. If your man loves you so much that he cannot imagine a life without you, only then will your marriage have divine meaning.