This is Why You Get Two Choices When Answering a Call On iPhone

It is still confusing, why we have to swipe sometimes to pick a call on our iPhones and sometimes just press and go? We have already solved this mystery for you, thank us later!

1.iPhone Fever


The very first iPhone came decades ago, but its fever is still high among people. We saw the first series of iPhone in 2007, and since then they have taken over our heart and mind. You won’t believe that over 700 Million iPhones have been in use till now and the number has been increasing since its launch.

2. One Question

The phone might be the most popular worldwide, but this one question has been messing everybody’s head. Why do we get two options to answer our calls?? What is the need for these two ways?

3. Sliding To Answer

Sometimes we are asked to slide to pick the call. It is easy though but why struggling between two modes, when one is enough?

4. Getting The Buttons

And sometimes it is this; these two buttons show up when a call comes! Though buttons give us the option either to pick or decline the call where this lacks in the sliding feature.

5. Looking For Clues

Everybody has been looking for the clues to solve the mystery behind these two options on iPhones. Do these options come up randomly or there are any settings to it? People working at the Business Insider conducted an investigation to find out what is the reason behind these options! They too didn’t know about it before.

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6. Not Contacts

Is there something with the contact? Like if someone from our contacts list calls up, and then we get these buttons? They tried this trick but no effect. They got both sliding feature and the buttons! So, the contacts have nothing to do with these features.

7. Phone Type

Further, they tested that what if the phone from which the call comes has something to do with it? Results were NIL because the hones have nothing to do with it! It doesn’t matter whether someone calls from an iPhone or any other phone like android. You still get both of these options once a while to answer the call.

8. Other Possibilities

Business Insider then further tried and tested on different possibilities, whether the phone knows whom we want to speak with and whom not? Does that make any difference? It seems like it has nothing to do with it. How can a phone guess it?

9. Drunk Dialing

Another creepy possibility, what if your phone knows that somebody is drunk dialling you? Now, can the iPhones’ guess it? Is that the reason we get the option where we can either decline or pick? Don’t worry they didn’t test this!

10. Bad News

What if your phone knows about every call and what it has to do with you? What if it guesses that bad news is coming your way and gives you the different option? Can this be a reason? It seems like no! how can this thing effect it?

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11. The Wrong Answers

As now we know that none of our possibilities worked on getting the answer to it. An answer to this problem is simple and fair and quite practical.

12. Slide When Locked

When your phone is locked, it is then when you have to slide to answer a call. You won’t get any option to pick or decline, it is just swiping it. Well. If you have to pick swipe, otherwise ignore the call!

13. Buttons When Unlocked

So, either comes when the phone is unlocked. When your phone is unlocked, you get the buttons to choose from, whether to pick or decline. Now no swiping!

14. The Explanation

Explanations are practical. We get two options because if our phone is locked that means either they are in our pockets or the bag, so there are chances that accidentally phone will be answered.  To avoid accidental answering of calls, we get these options because it is quite easy to press and go.

15. Mystery Solved

The mystery has been solved. Swipe it when locked and press when unlocked. Preventing an inadvertent butt answer is good. Hats-off to Apple for this technology!