This Woman Has Been Living The Whimsy Dreams

Amina Mucciolo, the lady who loves colours and is living a life full of colours and unicorns. Yes! It is not any story we cooked, but reality how Amina filed her routine with colours and had been living with it.

1. Meet Amina


Here we present Amina Mucciolo, an artist and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. She is the founder of the designing company, Studio Mucci. The studio believes in designing the other way, by bringing dreams into reality and living it. She quotes that “Joy, excitement and inspiration are what we strive to communicate through our items.”

2. Colourful Life

As you all saw, how colourful she is! She experiments a lot, and that is what she has done with her hairs. They are rainbow coloured, and she likes to keep them bright. It is the vibe that she connects to and wants it all over.

3. Bedroom Before

So, the room requires a makeover! Amina posted a video on youtube, and it is from there where we had a sneak peek into her colourful life. Here is the bedroom, dull and depressing. Through the video, Amina showed how things were before at her place and now how vivid they are.

4. Bedroom After

Isn’t this amazing? How the dull has been brought to life! It is just a segment. Further, we have a look at different segments showing how the place looks like. The house is a Magical place filled with colours.

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5. Amina’s Kitchen

All the feel of spring is there, as Amina wanted it to be. “There’s something about the thing that happens in spring – the holidays, the colours and that fresh feeling of happiness,” she said. “It’s so inspiring for me.”

6. Rainbow Splashes

The splashes of these rainbow colours look amazing! “I knew I wanted for there to be a rainbow element in my home, at least one powerful rainbow statement,” she said. She succeeded in getting the spring home early.

7. Taking The Chance

Mucciolo said “going through with the decorations was a scary process. “ “I loved it so much because I knew it would be great, but I was still so scared to do it… But I followed my instinct, and I knew it was going be good.”

8. Unicorn Wall

You all might be thinking that where unicorns are till now! Don’t you worry people as Amina won’t let the place be free of unicorns? If she decorated all by herself this much, then unicorns are, by the way, man!

9. Care Bears

Not only are the unicorns on the board but Amina has some cute little care bears on display. The whimsy doesn’t stop here; all the magical creatures are there.

10. Accessories Wall

Love for the rainbows hasn’t ended yet! Here we provide you with an accessory wall having the rainbow coloured bags and shaped bags and purses. And the fact is that there is somebody else too living the dream with her!

11. Not Just Amina

It’s her husband, who is living the dream too. Does Salvatore also like the rainbows and the idea of whimsy turned to life?

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12. Hubby On Board

He approves of the rainbows. Mucciolo quoted that “He loves it too.” Further, she added “He loves it too. It makes him happier. He is doing this business with me, so it’s how our lives look like now more vivid and happy.”

13. Rainbow Brush

The colourful life will never stop for Amina. We have seen the home décor, the walls and it is the brushes that got us the vibes of life. Isn’t this picture refreshing and full of vibrancy?  The brushes are a wonder to behold.

14. Feeling Reflective

“It’s essential to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband,” she said. “We like our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.”