Time Travels Fast From First Day To Last Day Of School

1 Read the signs

This picture is emotional. The mother of this child posted this picture on facebook and saw how fast the time flies. This is so amazing. A child cries when he goes to school on his first day, and he also cries on the last day of school as he did not want to leave the school.

2 Daddy daughter moment

On the left side, there is a small baby with her father. Both were looking very cute together, and on the right side there is grown up girl with his father, and this is a weird moment. Well, they clicked this photograph while they were going to the family trip to the ER.

3 Spot the difference

This picture is cool. On both sides, there is a calm boy. On the left side a small child is there with a school bag, and on the right side, there is an adult boy with the same look a shirt, a short and a sack. Surely he is looking cool.

4 Time Wrap

Back to the time when you was a kid. The same thing reminds us of many memories. Look at this car yes this car has grown old, but this car in this picture reminds of school times. It is just like time travel.

5 Best Friends

We always want that whosoever is our best friend in childhood remains our best friend throughout our whole life, And that person is fortunate whose best friends remains same throughout the experience.  This picture shows that what best friends are. This picture shows the perfect friendship goals.

7 Eyeliner Mistakes one should avoid

6 Mama’s boy

The love between his mother and his child is clearly shown in this picture, You should have one person to whom you can tell all your secrets, and for this child, his mother is acting like the same. No matter he has grown or not his love for his mother will remain the same, and this is shown in the right picture. And there is nothing wrong in this if you tell all your secrets to your mother.

7 The evolution of a boy

The stages of how a boy grows from childhood to adulthood are entirely shown in this picture. These all pictures are saved in his gallery for his lifetime. He should thank his parents for such beautiful clicks and such beautiful memories. Well, everyone should click one picture at every stage of life so that it can be stored as a memory.

8 Some things never change

This is true somethings never change. Such as your enthusiasm and hard work. In both the left pic and right pic these qualities are constant and one thing more in both the picture is same that is the pose too. When she started her school she started it with a spring and now also when she is so prominent in medical school she is exactly same.