We Offer You Burglary Free Housing Techniques

Tips to burglar proof your home-Even though we are so advanced these days that not even our lifestyle but also view the world in advance but on the other hand those who are on the wrong track like thefts and burglaries, don’t forget they are getting smart too. What do we do now? We need to become smarter.  We make things, invent new stuff daily, in that context mankind also made some awesome inventions in the field of Anti-burglary. Let’s have a look and get smarter and safer.


Store Behind The Art:


Tips to burglar proof your home

We all have an attraction towards art and we love to gather paintings of our favorite art forms. You can easily make that painting your secret spot to store your expensive articles which you don’t want to hand over to the burglars. You can easily convert your painting into the anti-burglary store place.


Store In The Doors:

Tips to burglar proof your home

You can make this as never checked spot for burglars. You can fix this by easily making a hole in your door and placing the metallic rod into it. You can place anything into it anything which is small be it cash, gold or anything.


Store In The Picture frame:

Tips to burglar proof your home

We always decorate walls with the pictures, be it the picture of our loved ones, be it with the pictures of scenery or be it the picture of our idol. But we forget one little fact that is those pictures can even be turned into your spot of anti-burglary and can help you save your important items. Just get a frame of a picture which has this facility.

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Store In Your Keyboard.

Tips to burglar proof your home

This is probably the best place to hide as everyone usually miss the keyboard as it is not the place to hide things when you know it is just an accessory. But beware don’t hide technical secrets as a technical thief will find it.


Store In Sofa

Tips to burglar proof your home

Probably an old-style but still on our list. You can also hide your things on the sofa that is under a sofa. It is actually not anti-burglary stuff but is used to hide things either if you don’t want anyone to see or if you want to hide something from childhood.


Store Under Stairs:

Tips to burglar proof your home

This is also one of the expected spots to hide things. Prefer not to use it for expensive items. It is only used to hide things from guests and to expand your area of space. But if the burglar hasn’t seen Harry Potter then you are lucky to hide expensive items there.


Store In Your Bathroom Walls:

Tips to burglar proof your home

This is pretty cool stuff. You have a safe hiding place in your bathroom. This is hard to guess the kind thing for burglars. With special tiles setting you can make a safe for yourself in your bathroom walls. Go ahead and do it, don’t just use the bathroom to take a bath.


Store In The Kitchen:

Bathroom And Kitchen are the two spots where burglars are less interested in exploring because he neither has to take bath nor has to cook food. You can have an underground safe in your kitchen. You can even make it a hiding spot.

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Store In Your Switch Board:

Watch me giving supply, now you see me hiding your stuff. This next-level stuff has made hiding the most secret thing to do. Inspired by the James Bond series, this outlet safe is highly preferred safe these days.


Store In The Garden:

Now if you have to go out and your family member has to come later but before you and he doesn’t have spare keys of home. For such issues, this special bottle was introduced which is only known by trusted members. Now hide your keys and go anywhere you want.


Store In The Bathtub:


Like I told you in the starting the kitchen and bathroom are less explored by a burglar. You had walls before, now you have a bathtub too. Go ahead and hide under the bathtub. Those fools will never get it.


Store In Floating Shelf:

Tips to burglar proof your home

This has come into existence when people started living a precise life and space was very less occupied by them. Then the existence of a floating shelf came and later we invented hiding space in it. Go ahead hide the thing in the air.


Store In Lettuce:

There is also an option to store in the lettuce. Although it was more like rumor as no one actually knows where they get it but the idea is perfect, to make a safe which looks like lettuce. No burglar comes to take lettuce.


Store Behind Book Shelf:

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This indeed also a detective movie stuff and are well known by burglars. But since on our list, we just need to tell those who don’t know. Here switch is beneath a book which only the owner knows. As we remove that bookshelf opens


Store In The Book:

This you can make it at home. The technique is the same as it is shown in the picture. This you can do with any spare book you have at home. Cut it from between and store anything you want to. Go ahead make your own secret space.


Thank You.